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Company Martech
Distributor Erbe Software
Production team Programming: Ian McArdle - Malcolm J. Smith - D.B. Richards
Year 1988
Packaging Transparent methacrylate box 10.60 × 13.40 × 1.50
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard - Joystick
Loading CP/M+
Gender Action
Language English
Price Spain: 3.500 Ptas - England: £19,99
State Preserved



Catch 23 is another of the games that have been recovered from the Spectrum lists, to bring it to PCW. The action takes place on a remote island, where we must neutralize the new prototype CK-23 plane. This sophisticated aircraft (as explained in the manual) is capable of leaving the Earth's atmosphere and staying in space until, at a certain moment and at incredible speed, it returns to Earth destroying everything in its path with its sophisticated laser weaponry.

Neutralize CK-23

The main mission of the game (which may seem like an adventure like Rambo does, serving his country to fight the enemy in a risky adventure without any help and relying only on his instinct) is to neutralize CK-23. To achieve this we must find the enemy base (which at the beginning of the game can be a bit difficult) and place a nuclear bomb that will destroy the island completely. Although it may seem a bit easy, we can tell you that it is to spend long hours playing, if what you want is to achieve the final goal.

To get to the base we have the transporters, very useful vehicles to move around the island, that although the creators of the game did not let enough imagination run to draw any type of vehicle (in the game at no time do you see anything similar to the transporter , but we see a kind of bus stop, which when we activate it we start to move), it does offer a good feeling of movement, with some good turns. On the island we must be very careful, since there are several dangers: forests, where patrols can lurk behind trees, swampy areas, buildings that keep objects that can be useful to us to reach the end and when leaving them they can bring us some problem. .., and also some strange mountains that nobody knows anything about. A whole situation full of emotions that make CATCH-23 a good game to enjoy in our free time.

The enemy

As in all war games, the enemy could not be absent, an important part of the game and which is one of the main keys to achieving excitement in this type of adventure. In CATCH-23 we can find two types of enemies: patrols with a fixed route, which are seen in the distance and we can avoid them easily (flight is the best weapon to confront them), as long as they are not aware of our presence. , and foot patrols, dangerous soldiers, whose only way out is the fight to the death with them, where we must have many reflexes and a great speed in the shot to get out of the confrontation with flying colors.

But not everything is patrols, we will also find mines, which immediately explode upon contact, and we can only see them when we carry batteries to detect mines. These batteries can be found inside a house.

Armed to the teeth

To face such a sophisticated and well-prepared enemy we will need to have a good weapon worthy of Rambo himself; For this we have a sophisticated rifle with three spare cartridges, which makes us have a total of twenty shots (although we can find ammunition on the way, it is best not to waste it). Rifle mode enters automatically, once a foot patrol is spotted. On the other hand we have three powerful bombs, which to use we must indicate the explosion time and leave the area as quickly as possible, because once the countdown is finished it will destroy everything that is around it.

The graphics

CATCH-23 has three-dimensional vector graphics. With a few lines they make good and easily identifiable images (forests, constructions, etc.). Perhaps the only downside that the game may present is the search for the appearance of figures on the horizon and the scarcity of graphics in some parts of the game, giving the game a certain monotony by not having, in these areas, a feeling of front or back scrolling. Enemies give a more “diver” feel than highly sophisticated enemies. In addition, those that appear somewhat distant from us give the impression of being a very simple graphic, hardly distinguishing features of his suit.


Although, as we have already said, CATCH-23 is a “classic game” that has been taken from a version of Spectrum (in Spectrum the vision of the glasses occupies the entire screen, which in PCW does not happen), for users of PCW can be very interesting and entertaining. The attention we have to pay, in case the enemy appears, together with the need and curiosity to look for objects in the houses that appear to us, make CATCH-23 a good game, worthy of being in our collection.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.



  • Original cover.

Here you have the front part of the original cover.

  • Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Height 13.00 x Length 22.00 cm.


The manual is printed on double-sided black and white glossy paper. . Its measurements are: Height 25.70 x Width 30.00 cm the sheet.


Original disc supplied with Catch 23.


Custom labels to print. Over the years, due to their use, the labels are damaged and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the most similar in the measure of our possibilities, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disc. Measurement in 3 “height: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same modified label to be able to replace the broken one and the third and fourth images are for 3.5 “discs.



Tips and tricks

  • Infinite bombs and bullets
  • If you have Knife, or some kind of editor, you can have infinite bombs and bullets, editing track 4, sector 2, zone 002B and track 5, sector 9, zone 1FC for the bombs and track 4, sector 2, zone 0021 for the infinite bullets.
  • Although the instructions state that the only way to kill the enemy is by shooting in the chest, the best way to finish him off (as soon as possible) with a single shot is to shoot him at the stomach.
  • The best way to use a bomb to destroy a fixed route patrol is to place it on the patrol route, with a very long explosion time (99:99), in order to be sure that it will explode in its path and not before or after it arrives.


Some advertisements of the game in magazines of great circulation of the time.



The disc images, obtained from the original version of Catch 23, have been recorded and verified.

  • Catch 23 (Compressed .DSK file in ZIP format)


Below you can download the game manual for Catch 23 or view it online.


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