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Erbe Software was a developer and one of the most important video game distributors in Spain during the golden age of Spanish software, founded in 1984 by Andrew Bagney and Paco Pastor, former vocalist of Formula V.

In the beginning, Erbe was a developer who launched titles such as The Three Lights of Glaurung, Ramón Rodríguez (1986) and what would be his last development before dedicating himself exclusively to distribution: Whopper Chase, commissioned by the multinational Burger King to give it to their clients in 1989. Erbe's internal development team then moved to Topo Soft

Due to problems in obtaining contracts with some companies (competitors of companies already distributed by Erbe), the sister company MCM was created, which shared the entire Erbe structure (offices, personnel and warehouse).

In 1987, Erbe decided to lower the price of its launches from 2,000 pesetas to 875, causing a small revolution in the market, forcing the competition to react and causing a very important increase in sales that catapulted it to the first position of the distributors. national. Due to this drastic reduction in prices, small developer companies could not afford such a drastic price drop, forcing some of them to close. From 1989 to 1995, Erbe maintained this leadership position, taking over more than 50% of the Spanish market. The company grew rapidly until it reached a turnover of nearly 10,000 million pesetas, at which time it was acquired by the powerful Inversiones Ibersuizas group, appointing a new financial director from the new owner in 1992.

Erbe Software distributed to many of the leading national and international video game houses of the time.

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