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Editorial Club Auser
Distributor Club Auser
Year 1989-1990
Gender Disc computer magazine
Language Spanish
Price 2,500 pesetas
Status Preserved


In September 1989, the second magazine on disk support was released on the Spanish market for users of the Amstrad PCW range. After the failure of the first Spanish magazine on disk, dedicated entirely to the Amstrad PCW called “Tu Amstrad PCW”, an attempt is made once again to keep the PCW afloat by attracting the attention and demand of the users of these machines.

The magazine focuses solely on the PCW range, whose acceptance by PCW users is enormous, so the Auser Club decides to go ahead with future releases. Many users demanded an exclusive magazine for PCW, since the main magazines of the time, spoke and contained articles and very little dedication for this range, with reference to other Amstrad computers, as was the case of the CPC's that occupied almost the entire of the pages.

The collection consists of 5 issues, whose output was as follows:

  • Number 1 - September 1989.
  • Number 2 - November 1989.
  • Number 3 - January 1990.
  • Number 4 - April 1990.
  • Number 5 - June 1990.
  • Number 6 - August 1990. Its release was published. although this last number, never saw the light.

It was one of the most interesting collection of software for PCW 8256, PCW 8512 and PCW 9512 for PCW users. The magazine was maintained thanks to the programs and information that users contributed to it.

It was one of the most complete magazines on 3“ disc support, with double-sided and single-density CF2 format recorded on both sides, with unique and exclusive content for PCW. Its content was very varied and extensive, causing more addicts and making that it was one of the most important magazines for this range of computers.

Some of its contents were: the pokes or chargers for some games (very necessary for the difficulty of some of them to finish them), programs between utilities, graphics, educational, etc, programming languages, games and programs in Mallard Basic, logo, information on the latest news, mail, books, applications, and much more.


Charging instructions

  • Insert the disk into drive A (side A).
  • Initialize the computer.
  • After a few seconds of waiting, the programs menu will appear, allowing you to print the loading instructions. To run the programs you must follow each of these steps.

Number 1 - September 1989

  • SIDE A
  • 3DFun —> Program for making graphical representations of functions in 3D.
  • Graph —> First graph programming language.
  • Pokdis —> Essential program to search for pokes.
  • Dump —> Utility for screen dumps by printer.
  • SIDE B
  • Char —> Generator of letters in mode 1 and 2 of the CPC.
  • Medical —> Medical program to diagnose any disease.
  • Deimos —> Game where we must face a thousand labyrinths.
  • Draw —> Set of routines that generate the Plot and draw instructions.
pcw_user_revista_portada_1f.jpg pcw_user_revista_portada_1b.jpg pcw_user_revista_caratula_1.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_1_1.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_1_2.jpg

Number 2 - November 1989

  • SIDE A
  • Paranoid —> Intrepid checkers game.
  • Plot —> The latest in plotting routines without using GSX.
  • Tipper —> Get a full page printer list of your best logo screens.
  • Pixmap —> Redefine your own characters and use them later in your programs.
  • SIDE B
  • Function —> Spectacular mathematical representations in a graphical way.
  • Copyd —> Copy to make backup copies.
  • 1×2 —> Program that will help us to make our pools.
  • Dagoba —> Game thousands of mazes looking for the lost treasure.
pcw_user_revista_portada_2f.jpg pcw_user_revista_portada_2b.jpg pcw_user_revista_caratula_2.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_2_1.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_2_2.jpg

Number 3 - January 1990

  • SIDE A
  • Invoices —> Application developed for the issuance and control of invoices.
  • Passbook —> Savings passbook management.
  • TRJB —> Loader to get infinite lives in James Bond 007 game.
  • SIDE B
  • Mine —> Game where we must go through dangerous labyrinths.
  • Sub —> Funny Pac-Man game but in a more original way.
  • Label –> Program to print labels.
pcw_user_revista_portada_3f.jpg pcw_user_revista_portada_3b.jpg pcw_user_revista_caratula_3.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_3_1.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_3_2.jpg

Number 4 - April 1990

  • SIDE A
  • Banksal —> Program to control current accounts.
  • TRHH —> Charger to get infinite lives and immunity in Head Over Heels game
  • SIDE B
  • Test —> Powerful program for the generation and correction of tests.
  • Ships —> Classic ship game.
  • Biopcw —> Generator to know your biorhythms at all times.
pcw_user_revista_portada_4f.jpg pcw_user_revista_portada_4b.jpg pcw_user_revista_caratula_4.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_4_1.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_4_2.jpg

Number 5 - June 1990

  • SIDE A
  • Sider —> powerful file converter.
  • Parchise —> The popular Parcheesi game.
  • Ships —> Exciting game of fighting against beings from another planet.
  • SIDE B
  • Calc —> Simple and useful calculator.
  • Dec —> Program to keep track of people with addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Df —> Program in logo for the generation of figures.
pcw_user_revista_portada_5f.jpg pcw_user_revista_portada_5b.jpg pcw_user_revista_caratula_5.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_5_1.jpg pcw_user_revista_disco_5_2.jpg


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