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As the meaning of any dictionary, we protect from damage or danger or cover any type of material dedicated to the Amstrad PCW, due to its scarcity, or the little material that is available today for this Amstrad series computer.

Many of the documents, books, programs, peripherals, games, etc, have been lost since the beginning of the sale of this computer. After several decades, many ended up in warehouses abandoned to their fate, others in the garbage, and who else knows where. That is why we try to keep the largest number of material that we find throughout the network preserved, which still remain in some parts of the world to be discovered and where some users have not yet given the value that this wonderful machine has or have not given the importance of keeping this material available to all Amstrad users. Therefore, we emphasize that any collaboration to preserve any type of material for Amstrad PCW, is always welcome.

This is how PCWWiki began, after the ideas and comments of Amstrad users, who saw that any type of PCW material was scarce, very distributed and difficult to locate. With this idea came the creation of PCWWiki, a way to locate everything in one place and make all the material available to Amstrad users, making us enjoy those wonderful 80s and 90s, for many a great memory from our lives and our childhood.

The PCWWiki tries to preserve and spread classical computing and to collaborate with all those users of the Amstrad PCW.

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