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Company Aventuras AD
Distributor Aventuras AD
Production team Programming: Tim Gilberts - Graphics: Carlos Marqués, Juan Antonio Darder - Loading screen: Juan Antonio Darder - Cover Illustration: Luis Royo
Year 1990
Packaging Carton box 15,40 × 18,90 × 2,50 cm
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Loading CP/M+
Gender Conversational Adventure
Language Spanish
Price Spain: 0.000 Ptas
State Preserved



Aventuras AD launched one of the oldest and most ambitious projects of the Spanish adventure company par excellence together with Andrés Samudio, “Cozumel”.

COZUMEL is the first part of the trilogy “LEGENDS OF CI-U-THAN”, a group of works that covers a period and a fairly extensive area of ​​the geohistory of Yucatán.

This first book, divided into two parts, narrates your adventures from the arrival on the island of Cozumel as a poor and helpless castaway, until your supposed triumphal exit from it. In it, the most classic adventure format has been respected.

The script is well worked, the setting suffers a lot in 8-bit computers and the problems are logical and consistent with the story. Although difficult to appreciate at a superficial glance, the game is far superior to what has been produced so far, and incorporates important advances. New too, is a scoring system that tells the player, without giving him clues, which are the positive and negative actions.

The structuring of the game is open, being able to jump from one part to another. The only thing you should know is that if you have not completed 50 points in the first part, you will not be able to finish the second.

The graphics have received a special treatment: the form of presentation on the screen is new and an old page, like an old photograph, has been chosen. However they have a wide range of hues. A double digitized surprise presentation screen has also been included for all computers.

The program achieves a complete integration of the intelligence of the characters, mobility, action pattern, etc. They are the most complete appeared so far in an adventure, but we must emphasize, as a negative part, that they have not taken full advantage of them and they are quite silly at times.

It is essential to learn to understand with them, since most problems depend on their behavior. In this, the instructions have not been clear enough and it is difficult to get used to, then there are no problems.

The first thing to do is get to the island, specifically to the town of San Marcos (all the places exist and the names are the original ones). Then you have to fend for yourself to be able to go to the Yucatan … But … it turns out that you meet the beautiful Goddess, owner and mistress of the place and then …

There are several key characters: the drunken brother couple, a crippled old priest, a frustrated and wise school teacher, a fearsome smuggler, a used boat dealer, the demented monkey, the killer snakes, etc, but there is also Kuill and is Eat no !, THE GODDESS. All this immersed in an oppressive, hot world, and surrounded by the everlasting jungle.

We are facing a rather difficult but absorbing adventure, where we must plan the course of action well in advance if we want to get something positive.

The setting chosen for this adventure, the first in the trilogy entitled “Legends of Ci-U-Than”, is the Yucatan, a mysterious land where dangers, hidden treasures, temples full of traps are not lacking. the ingredients the good adventurer is used to.

This first part of the trilogy, made up of two independent charges, takes place on the island of Cozumel, where the adventure of our main archaeologist begins. On this occasion we will have to take the role of an archaeologist who arrives in Yucatan in search of adventure and, of course, finds them.

Towards it he was heading perfectly equipped, when an unfortunate shipwreck has left him with nothing; Do not think that he has only lost the machete or the watch, no, he has lost everything, including his pants and underwear, so it is quite likely that an entry in San Marcos, a beautiful coastal town near the place of the shipwreck, it would lead to serious problems with justice. But in the town of San Marcos, we will find something that makes us delay our arrival on the continent, something that … well we will find out.

The fundamental mission of the adventure is to reveal all those secrets that are hidden on the island and to escape from it.

The program uses the usual commands of the latest AD adventures and the inclusion of some PSI with their own personality, decision-making capacity, different actions depending on the development of the adventure, etc., that is, characters that must be treated as if they were real since their reactions can even vary from game to game.

Some improvements have been incorporated, such as the object treatment system, which have all its qualities incorporated; greater graphic detail; a scoring system that tells you which actions are positive and which are negative; and, perhaps the most interesting, the possibility that both parts are played without the need for a password, bearing in mind that if you do not get 50 points in the first, you can only perform exploration tasks in the second.

At a technical level, it should be noted that AD has managed to exceed the usual quality line of its programs.

  • This is how “Cozumel” was made by Andrés Rigoletto Samudio

Interest in pre-Columbian cultures, astonishment at the glorious-painful discovery-conquering feat and the attempt to understand all the factors that inevitably led to its culmination, were the siren songs that led me to study Geography and History to end up specializing in History of America.

Among these cultures, the Mayans stand out for their enigmatic past, with the Chichén Itzá complex standing out, as usual for their religious architecture.

In 1983 I discovered the world of computers, and that of adventures the following year. The moment Quill, the first Parser, allowed me to write my own stories, it was natural for me to think of the fabulous Mayan world. The action had to take place between the evocative architecture of Chichén Itzá and the humid and lush rainforest.

But there were problems from a narrative point of view. The Chichén Itzá complex is in the middle of the Yucatán, so how did the player get there?

The answer was obvious: just as the conquerors did, jumping from Hispaniola and Cuba. And now following them, let's imitate Hernán Cortés, the most important, who in 1519 touched a small island called Cozumel.

But the conquerors did not penetrate the Yucatan, they surrounded it and went straight “with more gold there was”, towards the Aztec empire. Instead we had to enter the peninsula from its east coast and cross the jungle to reach Chichen Itza. The project was thus defined, by its own weight, as a trilogy; with your arrival area, the journey and the final outcome.

The beginning

Between 1986 and 1987 “Diosa de Cozumel” was written. It was a lonely job, helped, only in the graphic part, by our dear Carlos Marqués. We sent it to Microhobby and Dinamic and, from both parties, the encouragement and help came to found Aventuras A.D.

With all the means at our disposal, read DAAD and others, the primitive Goddess was a bit small; For this reason, the script was enriched, we decided to start at the beginning. And the beginning was “The Original Adventure”. Then the interesting project “Jabato” came across and finally, 4 years after it started, we launched the beginning of the Ci-U-Than Trilogy.

The curse

But the Goddess who reigned over Cozumel, and whose name I cannot reveal, has, like our Janus, a beneficial side and another much darker. And it seems that, at some point, we managed to piss her off by meddling in her personal affairs. And then things began to happen that delayed the project more and more. For some reason, the cartoonists could not find the appropriate sketch for the descriptions. Several worked on them, and very good, but nothing.


Here we had many problems, first we tried to visualize each character and adapt it as best as possible to its role in the script.

The worst part was that the DAAD had to be heavily modified to handle a detailed character and item spec system. And all those changes had to be tried and tested.

There are characters, like the girl in the bar, who have up to eleven different “mental” states, passing through them in response to what the player does. Well, I am very afraid that, due to the chronic lack of memory that we suffer in our games, only a small part of the work that these characters carry will be noticed. And, we find that the balance between the complexity of the character and what she says is very delicate. If you make it too complex, you have little memory left for it to speak, the only way for the user to find out. If you give it a lot of text, it will have a lot of gab, but it will be quite dumb.

With the Goddess of Cozumel we learned a lot and the hard way, when in the end we had to reduce almost 40% of the text of the characters to preserve the complete game.

Other curses

  • The mess of the name:

It turns out that we are talking about “The Goddess” and the game is publicly called “COZUMEL”. We found out about that almost at the end and it is because the printed boxes, one of the most expensive products, will also be used in the English version.

  • Issues with censorship:

There were some scenes that could offend the delicate English public, (in reality it is the hypocritical department stores, owners and gentlemen of the sale of soft in England), and that had to be ironed out. This led in some cases to make last minute alterations to the script. But do not worry, the Spanish version has remained quite intact, without falling, of course, into vulgarity at any time.

  • The case of the upset screen:

The goddess attacked us here with great force. For months we had the slide of the presentation screen. It was done with a long time and it was even published in various magazines. But it turns out that the boxes were also printed on time and were ready, waiting for the product. Very shortly before the two jobs were joined, we had a visit of great importance in our offices and, as in passing, this character asked, when seeing the screen of the goddess on a computer, if we were already making another new game. When he answered that this was the Goddess of Cozumel, he almost choked, because he came from seeing the boxes … which had a very different drawing.

Carlos Marqués and Juan Antonio Darder worked day and night to have the new version on time on … 7 different computers!


Two things would have to be tested: the game itself and the new version of DAAD. I must tell you that the goddess was quite vindictive here, completely ruining the traditional Valencian fallas that we spent locked in, between the noises of firecrackers and touches of bands, polishing, polishing and polishing this your game that we hope you will enjoy.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.


  • Original cover

Here you have the front and back of the original box.


The manual is in black and white on plain paper. On the back is the game map. Its measurements are: Width: 35.00 cm x Height: 43.20 cm


Original disc supplied with Cozumel.


Custom labels to print. Over the years, due to their use, the labels are damaged and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the most similar in the measure of our possibilities, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disc. Measurement in 3 “height: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game and the second is the same label modified to be able to replace the broken one.



It dawns over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A small ship sails in silence from Cuba, a place where it has filled its warehouses with the supplies, tools and ammunition necessary so that the only passenger on the ship, an archaeologist and adventurer named Doc Monro, can successfully complete the exploration he wishes to carry out. in the Yucatan peninsula, cradle of the Mayan civilization. However, in the space of a few minutes the sky begins to fill with dense clouds and a storm is unleashed that makes the, until then, calm sea rage.

Large waves begin to form, endangering the safety of the boat, one of which tears off the mainmast and destroys the sails.

When, not long afterwards, the storm disappeared with the same speed with which it arrived, the landscape has changed remarkably because of the ship only a few planks remain floating on the surface of the water, along with the remains of the sails and the rope. Exhausted but alive, Doc observes a shore in the distance and decides to swim towards the coast before being fed to the sharks that have been attracted by the noise of the shipwreck.

Alone, without clothes and without weapons or supplies, Doc reaches the north beach of Cozumel, a small island located to the east of the Yucatan peninsula. When exploring the beach, he discovers an old jetty that tells him that he must surely be near an inhabited place, but before going inland he examines the canoes located next to the jetty and finds in one of them some shorts, which Although old and soaked, it is put on immediately to avoid attracting the attention of the possible inhabitants of the place. At the eastern end of the beach there is also a cane.

  • The town of San Marcos

South of the beach is the town of San Marcos, a small human nucleus where Doc's adventures will take place in that first part. Ignoring for the moment places that he will have the opportunity to visit later, Doc enters the school and takes an iron bar with which he returns to the beach, exactly to the same location at the beginning, observing that the tide has brought one of the barrels carried by the sunken ship. With the help of the iron bar Doc opens the barrel and takes a package out of it. Worn out by humidity, the package falls apart in the hands of our adventurer and with it the bundles of banknotes that he kept inside. Luckily the package also contained some cash, exactly 88 Mexican pesos.

With the money in his possession, Doc goes to the market ready to acquire a series of objects that will help him in his investigations. In this way, he goes through the four screens of the market buying a dress, an avocado and a sapote. Then he goes to the church and observes the priest who walks leaning on the benches to hide his limp, from which he deduces that the cane he found on the beach possibly belongs to him. To gain the priest's trust, Doc inserts a weight into the alms brush and then hands him the cane, at which point the grateful priest invites him to the sacristy.

Once there, the priest expresses his intention to prepare a typical stew of the region, since he believes, with good reason, that Doc must be hungry, but points out that the most important fruit is missing. Doc hands him the avocado he bought at the market, and in this way the priest prepares a tasty iguana and avocado stew that Doc devours without hesitation. The priest collects the month and hands our friend a letter.

Assuming the letter is addressed to the teacher, Doc returns to the school and enters the teacher's office, not before knocking politely on the door to avoid being rejected by the teacher. Once in the office, Doc examines the blackboard and map that hang on the wall and hands the teacher (without opening it first, since that would show an insane curiosity) the letter that he received from the priest before. The teacher reads it hurriedly, watches Doc for a few moments and makes an enigmatic revelation from which our friend extracts a very important piece of information: “Ix Chell”, the name of the temple of the Goddess of Love. Before leaving, after obtaining a An important clue from the book the teacher reads, he notices that Doc is barefoot and, compassionately, hands him his own boots. Without wasting a moment, Doc puts them on and goes out into the street again.

Doc leaves school and decides to enter the town's tavern, where he observes three colorful characters: the innkeeper who washes glasses behind the counter, a noisy drunk who pronounces incoherent phrases, and a beautiful young woman sitting behind one of the tables that she begins to look at him with a mixture of daring, flirtation and shyness. After listening to the drunkard, Doc decides to win their friendship by buying and paying the innkeeper a glass of rum and handing the glass to the drunk, who then begins to ask for money. Doc hands him a peso and the drunk, grateful, gives him the key to his house.

Our hero now focuses his attention on the girl and, deducing that she is a prostitute, decides to start a conversation with her. Noting that Doc seems to listen to her, the girl overcomes some of her shyness and begins to blow subtle kisses and winks. Doc decides to break the ice and kisses her, at which point the girl invites him to go with her, to which our friend answers yes. Observed by the innkeeper, Doc and the girl discreetly leave the tavern and head to the beach.

Once there, the girl asks Doc for 30 pesos for his favors, but our friend observes a mixture of sadness and terror in the young woman that indicates that the young woman has not chosen her profession of her own free will. So he answers no and offers to help her. The young woman bursts into tears and confesses that the innkeeper forces her to do her sordid job and that she intensely wants to get out of the misery in which she lives. Compassionate, Doc gives her the dress he bought from the market. The young woman, astonished to observe that there are men of good heart who not only want to abuse her, deeply thanks Doc for his gesture and, after putting on the dress, promises to follow him everywhere. Our hero has thus gained a faithful companion who will play an important and dramatic role in the adventures that remain to be run.

To prevent the innkeeper from trying to prevent the young woman from accompanying him, Doc returns to the village from the pier town to avoid the tavern. Always in the company of the girl, he returns to the market and buys the bottle, the lamp and the box of matches (chisquero in the Amstrad version). He opens the bottle, picks up the cap that falls to the ground when opening it, and goes to the market screen where the oil contained in a carafe is sold. When the seller requests an object to store the oil, Doc hands him the bottle and then, after opening the lamp, he empties part of the contents of the bottle into it, then closing both the bottle and the lamp, since now both are full of oil.

The last actions in this phase consists of using the key to open the drunkard's house and after entering it, shake the mat to collect the ring that was tangled between its folds. In the company of the young woman, Doc returns to the sacristy and there he observes in surprise a dialogue between the girl and the priest who reveals that the young woman is called Zyanya and is the priest's sister. Both are now heading to the teacher's office (knocking on the door first) and when they leave the teacher will give the young woman an object that Doc cannot see but that will be of vital importance later on.

Now head south to the last screen of this phase. When you try to advance to the next location, the computer will tell you that you are going to enter Zone II and you must save your position. If at that moment you have achieved 50 points and you are in possession of the pants, the boots, the ring, the iron bar, the oil lamp full of oil, the bottle full of oil and the box of matches, the position that you have just saved It will allow you to successfully complete the second phase.

  • Temple Path

Always accompanied by Zyanya, Doc goes into the jungle that separates San Marcos from the center of the island. Given that a town to the south would appear some bandits who would steal the ring, Doc decides to keep it in the matchbox because that way the bandits, seeing that Doc is not carrying anything of value, will not even bother to attack him. This aspect only applies to the Amiga version.

After advancing two towns to the south, our two friends come to a crossroads from which two roads start, one to the southeast and the other to the southwest. Doc decides to take the southwestern road as he drives through dangerous swampy areas where boots protect him from scorpion bites, near a great Mayan temple. When Doc tries to move south to enter the temple, a force field prevents him from doing so, but all he has to do is pronounce the name of the Goddess of Love as the master said for the force field to disappear.

  • In the temple of Ix Chell

Once inside the temple, the most difficult part of the whole adventure begins. The temple consists of only four screens, but unfortunately only in the first of them there is enough natural light to see without problems. As you may have already assumed, with the help of the lamp and the matches we can get light to orient ourselves in those dark screens, but the problem is that the oil in the lamp goes out very quickly and if we waste time with useless movements we will run out of light sooner. to perform all the necessary steps. Not only is it not possible to perform any useful action without light, but also if we stay in the dark for a long time we will suffer bites that will end the adventure. Therefore, we telegraphically summarize the steps to take from now on as we estimate that this part has a notably greater difficulty.

—In the initial screen of the temple, take a match out of the box (initially we have four and they are all necessary) and leave all the objects except the match and the iron bar. Walk west. Light the match and we can see an altar surrounded by rubble. Examine the rubble and a snake will appear ready to attack us. Killing the viper with the iron bar, at which point the match will go out and, by burning our fingers, will force us to drop the iron bar. In the dark, quickly return to the east. By killing the snake we prevent it from biting us later.

“Take another match from the box, take the bottle and open it, thus moving west with the only company of the match and the open bottle.” Once in the dark, light the match, empty the bottle on the moss that covers the altar and burn the moss. Again, the match will burn us and force us to leave all the objects we carry. Return to the main screen.

“Take a new match and return to the west screen with it.” Once there, light the match and move the stone that has been exposed on the altar when the moss that covered it disappears, because in this way we will be able to activate a mechanism on the screen that we have not yet visited. Return to the initial screen.

“Take the last match and the lamp.” On the altar screen, light the match, light the lamp and extinguish the match, otherwise we would burn again and the lit lamp would explode when it fell to the ground (the same will happen if we have the bad idea of ​​opening the lamp when it is lit) . Take the iron bar and return to the initial screen.

“Now we can move quickly to the right.” In this new screen there is a tomb whose slab can be destroyed with the iron bar, exposing some stairs to the burial chamber. Since it is essential that Zyanya accompany us, it will be necessary to ask her twice to come with us to get her to overcome her fear.

—Go down to the chamber, at which point the tile that separates the chamber from the upper screen will close. We have come to the presence of a sarcophagus containing the Goddess of Cozumel, an image of indescribable beauty. Examine it twice and the goddess, after opening her eyes, will stare at you making you lose track of time and reality. When you see yourself in that state, Zyanya will give you the object that the teacher gave her, a bottle containing an elixir against lovesickness. After taking it, opening it and drinking it, the spell of the goddess's gaze will disappear, at which point, free from the influence of her gaze, you will see that the goddess is an old mummy and that there is a jade figurine next to her that you must quickly pick up. . Closing the goddess's eyes will make the tile open again, just by typing up-west to get back to the initial screen. The lamp will go out very soon (if it hasn't already), but you've completed the objective of this part of the game: get the jade figurine.

(Important note: all this last explanation is directly applicable to the Amiga version. In the 8-bit versions there is no matchbox but a spark box that is used to light a lamp that, luckily, lasts a little longer and allows you to perform light all the actions of the first three matches).

  • Magical necklaces and the curse of the goddess

Before leaving the temple make sure you have the jade figurine and the matchbox with the ring inside. Once outside the sunlight seems more alive and real than ever, now that you have been able to defeat the spell of the goddess of love. Happy and proud, Zyanya indicates to Doc her conviction that from now on everything will be better for them and that he will be lucky.

The luck that Zyanya talks about is specified in that in the next five screens a series of objects will become visible that, although they have always been there. Doc only notices them now that he has escaped the pyramid. In this way our hero will find a Bonampak necklace in a puddle, a Yaxchilán necklace in a pile of earth, a Uaxactum necklace in a pile of leaves, a Palenque necklace at the top of a tree that can be climbed from one of its branches and a Uxmal necklace on a mound of stones. Unfortunately, as he makes his way down the jungle path and away from the pyramid, Doc begins to remember the beautiful but deceptive image of the goddess and to wish intensely for her to return. Trying to keep walking from the screen where he picked up the last necklace, the diabolical goddess unleashes all her power of seduction and telepathically attracts him to her presence. In a fuzzy and unreal scene, the goddess asks Doc if he wants to move away or go towards her. Making a final gathering of will, Doc replies that he is moving away and conquers the goddess's spell again.

Enraged by her second failure, the goddess concentrates her power by creating an invisible barrier that prevents Doc from advancing south. Heeding an unknown intuition that seems to emerge from her subconscious, Doc puts on Palenque's necklace, which begins to vibrate around her neck. Before the necklace narrows and ends up suffocating him, Doc decides to rub the necklace, at which point he hears a voice, rocked by the wind, saying “Yours is the strength of the Great Disappointment.”

A few seconds later the necklace vanishes into thin air, but not before fulfilling its spell. In a moment of intense and heartbreaking disillusionment of shattered lovemaking, Doc sees the goddess for what she is: a hideous, mummified creature who only wishes to lure unsuspecting mortals like himself to steal their youth. Doc is definitively freed from the influence of the goddess, who manifests in all her power and evil in front of Doc and Zyanya. His words are cruel: “Mortal, who has despised the love of the goddess, I will always oppose you and everything you long for.” Blind with hatred, the goddess lashes out at Zyanya and casts a diabolical spell on the young woman that, in a terrible and painful metamorphosis, turns her into a stone statue. The goddess disappears emitting supernatural howls and Doc is free with tears in his eyes lamenting the fate of his unfortunate friend. All the necklaces disappear and Doc is left alone in the vastness of the jungle.

  • Goodbye Cozumel

The southern road, now completely free, leads to El Cedral, a small fishing village. Doc enters the first house and observes a man in whom he immediately recognizes a strong resemblance to the drunkard in the San Marcos tavern. After taking it out of the matchbox. Doc hands the ring to the man, who, grateful for having brought him such a cherished family memory, gives him his parrot. Doc grabs the cage and opens it, at which point Kuill the parrot flies swiftly to his shoulder saluting the newly won freedom.

Doc leaves the house and, after picking up the bell he finds in one of the streets of the town, takes the path that leads to the ranch of Big Turk, a rich farmer who has made his entire fortune thanks to smuggling. At the door of the house are the bodyguard Ratso and a thug who prevents intruders from entering. Ratso enters the house called by his boss and Doc tries to enter, but the thug stops him by asking him intrigued where he found the jade figurine, to which our friend simply replies “in the temple.” But Doc's response leaves the bully even more astonished, who asks how he got in. Doc replies by saying “Ix Chell”, at which point thug leaves his post eager to find new treasures in the pyramid.

The path is now clear and Doc reaches the hall of the mansion. To prevent Turk's bodyguard, Ratso, from stealing the jade figurine, Doc opens the drawer in that room and, after putting the figurine in it, closes it. So when Ratso returns, to indicate that Turk wishes to see him, our hero can take the figurine out of the drawer again and go to the smuggler's presence.

After the usual greetings, Turk asks Doc if he has anything to sell. Doc hands Turk's mischievous and noisy monkey the rattle, then, sure the monkey won't try to steal the figurine, he shows Turk the jade. The old smuggler is amazed at the beauty of the figurine and offers 100 pesos in exchange. However, Doc rejects them and waits for Turk to raise the offer to 250 pesos.

With the money in his possession Doc goes out to the door of the mansion again and once there he gives the money to Kuill, who flies off with the money between his legs. That way Doc will not be attacked by Turk's henchmen when he returns to town and will be able to find the money again in the drunkard's house. Now Doc goes to the last house in town where he will obtain the deed of a ship called “La Yucatana” in exchange for 250 pesos.

Exhausted after so many incidents, Doc goes to the port where he rests for a few moments watching the coming and going of the fishing boats, examining all the boats that arrive in case any of them is the one he has just bought. When “La Yucatana” finally arrives at the port led by a native, Doc gets on the boat and the driver, after observing that Doc owns the deeds and is therefore the rightful owner of the boat, sets anchor and leaves the island of Cozumel for good. to Yucatan. Doc can't help but smile, mixed with happiness and disappointment, remembering how much he has left behind and how much he still has to know, a smile that seems to light up when he hears the harsh voice of the Kuill parrot, who, once again perching on his shoulder, reminds him you have won a friend for your future adventures.


Then we leave you the poster that contains the game. Its measurements are: Width: 43.50 cm x Height: 53.20 cm.


Some advertisements of the game in magazines of great circulation of the time.



The disk images, obtained from the original version of Cozumel, have been recorded and verified. The image with a dsk containing the game correction has been included in the .zip file, since it has a boot defect in its original version. The image has been modified by our partner HabiSoft to make it playable.

  • Cozumel (Compressed .DSK file in ZIP format)


Below you can download the Cozumel game manual or view it online. The manual sheet measures: Width 17.50 cm x Height 14.40 cm.

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