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Software Acción


Editorial Ediciones Informáticas del Norte, S.L.
Distributor S.G.E.L.
Year 1988-1989
Gender Computer magazine
Language Spanish
Status Preserved


“Software Acción” was a magazine that did not have much reception at the time, demonstrable in its only three launch numbers. It comes to be a publication dedicated to many platforms, both 8-bit and 16-bit computers, and its objective is more the analysis of existing video games for these systems, alternating with articles on computing and hardware, although its attention was more focused on Atari computers.


software_accion_01.jpg software_accion_02.jpg software_accion_03.jpg


PDF Nº 01 - Nº 02 - Nº 03
DJVU Nº 01 - Nº 02 - Nº 03
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