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The Amstrad PCW, a perfect machine for programming

The Amstrad PCW was a revolution in offices around the world, thanks to the word processor LocoScript, from Locomotive Software, the built-in printer, and the excellent resolution in characters of your screen.

Not surprisingly, this computer was mainly promoted as the perfect substitute for typewriters.

Although Amstrad was not without reason to affirm such a thing, a very important part of the possibilities of this machine was left in the inkwell.

And this was so, because the Amstrad PCW also came standard with a very special guest, software that turned it into a powerful personal computer: the CP/M Plus operating system from Digital Research.

The CP/M operating system had seen its glory days, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which, for practical purposes, meant that there was an impressive software base that could run on the Amstrad PCW, with little or no modification.

This, of course, included a wide variety of programming languages, which, together with the characteristics of the machine, made it perfect for starting out in the art of software development.

Later, in addition, some extensions to these programming languages ​​were emerging, specific to the Amstrad PCW, which allowed drawing graphics, among other things.

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