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Company Micro Value
Distributor Tynesoft
Production team Programming: Nik Sen - Graphics: Gary, Tark & Nik
Year 1985
Packaging Transparent methacrylate box 14.20 × 15.10 × 1.30 or 14.20 × 15.10 × 0.90
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Loading Autostart
Gender Arcade
Language English
Price Spain: 3.800 Ptas - England: £14.95
State Preserved



From the hands of Tynesoft comes this simple pack that contains the three most classic and relatively easy games on our computer, the first to be seen on arcade machines.

The so-called CLASSIC COLLECTION pack includes three programs, these are: SHOOT-IT, MUNCH-IT and HOPP-IT. When doing the general load you must choose one of them by pressing the number assigned to it (1, 2 or 3), then it will load the corresponding game. If at any time you wish to load any of the other three, you will have to repeat the entire operation from the beginning since the pack does not include the possibility of returning to the menu.

The first, to describe them in a quick and brief way, comes to base its theme on the Martians, the second on the comecocos and the third on … well, we'll explain it later.


The Martians, a super simple theme but also ultra-addictive. The game is more or less a replica of the Supernova Invaders, also for PCW.

Well, the first game in this pack is a replica, although with small differences. It is about eliminating the Martians that appear at the top of the screen, there are six lines of eight Martians each. You, a defenseless little ship, must shoot them continuously because, as the shot is already a bit slow, you cannot think about it. You have to try to eliminate them as quickly as possible before they reach our height. For this reason, you should try to destroy the entire bottom line to give yourself more time.

It is also advisable to start destroying them by the vertical columns either on the right or on the left, since in this way the route they have to do before descending is longer. Once you have finished with all the enemies on a screen, the game starts again but, of course, with a higher difficulty level.

You should also bear in mind that sometimes while the eight columns of the enemy forces are attacking you, one of their ships passes by that you must liquidate as this will earn you extra points. Unlike most video games of this type, SHOOT-IT by CLASSIC COLLECTION does not have the typical turrets where you can protect yourself from the enemy, then you must move continuously if you don't want a shot to hit you and lose the three lives that the game initially offers you.

The graphics of this program are very simple like the rest, but they are also sufficient. Only the Martians appear on the screen, their ship from time to time, the score, the number of lives you have and you. In this case, simplicity is not a defect, but the slowness of the shot on our part is, although once you get used to it you do not notice it as much as the attackers are not much faster. In itself, this is a slow game, so it allows us to play calmly. SHOOT-IT, in short, can be defined in two words: SUPER ADDICTIVE SIMPLICITY.


Eat coconuts, a game with “charisma” that will remain in the software market from generation to generation.

Here is the classic kite. Of course with the first of the games and this second, the Classic Collection pack lives up to its name. This type of video game was the first that appeared and that will continue in force for centuries and centuries.

Yes, it seems like a program that was made to play, not to dazzle or admire, not to get mad at it, but simply to have fun, to have a good time. As far as the game is concerned, we will recommend that it presents simple graphics, they occupy the entire screen and it is a kind of labyrinth through which a ball moves, it is supposed that the great gobbler of coconuts, although most of the time it stays with hungry or in the worst case being the one swallowed.

As we say, you have to put yourself in the place of the ball with a jaw and you must swallow all the points that you find on the route, but be careful because some coconuts, walking masks, are chasing you, who want to swallow you. Only at certain times do you have the opportunity to confront them and these are when you eat a point that is bigger than the rest, then the sound of the program rises, accelerates and you can attack head-on, but be ready, because this is the moment the coconuts are fleeing from you and as you are not fast you have them in the corner opposite yours until the effect wears off (it will last about 10 seconds approximately) and then they attack you again. Of this type of major points there will be about 4 on each screen, although as you increase the level things get worse.

On the screen, apart from the general graphic of the kite you also have the points indicator, the marker with the record score and the number of lives you have available, you start with three so take advantage of them.

Little more can be said about this game, since most of us are sure that it is not the first time you have seen it, so you will have your idea more or less formed, simply say that: have fun!

  • HOPP-IT.

Here is the frog that will help you have a good time. Try it and you will stay with it many afternoons.

Yes, indeed what you are thinking, another classic, this time it is about the little frog that must cross the road and the river to take shelter at home. Yes sir, this one. Here you are a defenseless little frog that must cross a road full of cars and then, after crossing this road, you find a wide river that you have to cross to get to your house.

In the first impediment, the highway, you must be very careful because you have three lanes through which a large number of cars circulate continuously and on the middle one they do it in the opposite direction, here in this lane the cars do not circulate in a row but every 3 or 4 seconds and they can surprise and mislead you because you do not expect it and also since it goes the other way, when you want to react it is too late. This happens like this on the first screen, on the second the panorama changes, the cars accelerate, that is, they pass much more often and faster. In addition, the car in the center lane is folded, now two cars appear and with less space between them. In the third screen the speed is tripled and also the central car, here it would already be three and the space between the cars much smaller and thus continuously in the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. screen.

Regarding the second impediment, follow the same tactic. In this one, you must cross a river but through its great channel you cannot pass it in a single jump, therefore by dodging and using the turtles and logs that swim and float through the flow you can cross it. You must jump to the shell of the first turtles, quickly go to a log, again to a second turtles, again to a log and jump to the ground. In this second half, just like on the road, things will get worse as you go past screens. Each time you will have fewer trunks and less turtles and they will also float and swim further apart, then you must sharpen your notion of calculation in the jump.

Once on land you have five places where you can rest, you must put a frog in each of them, that is, you must cross the road and then the river five times, of course, as soon as a car catches you or you fall into the water A skull will appear in your place, logically a sign that you have been struck down. But don't worry, you have five lives. So now you know, get the most out of them.

The program, in a more physical sense, we can say that it has graphics that are nothing to write home about, but more than enough to have a good time. In addition, having two types of difficulties, so to speak, the road and the river, the monotony disappears.

The sound does not exist, it is practically limited to highlighting the jumps of the frog that can be made through the cursor, left, right, up and down. In general we can say that it has a good movement. And with regard to addiction, follow the same path as the rest of the pack: super addictive.


These are not the best versions we have seen of these games, they are simple versions, but they are not so bad either and in any case, given the shortage of games for the PCW, it is an interesting pack, especially for the nostalgic. Regarding the graphic and sound quality, the minimum resources of the PCW are maintained.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.



  • Original cover.

Here you have the original cover.

  • Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Height 14.50 x Length 28.00 cm.


The different manuals are shown below. Some covers contained on the back the instructions of the game already printed, in other cases the back of the cover came in white with a loose sheet where the instructions came. Its measurements are: Height 14.50 x Width 28.00 cm the sheet.

  • Another version

Loose leaf, its measurements are height: 9.60 cm and width: 10.40 cm.


Original disc supplied with Classic Collection.

  • Other versions


Custom labels to print. Over the years due to its use, the labels are spoiled and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the most similar in the measure of our possibilities, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disc. Measurement in 3 “height: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same modified label to be able to replace the broken one and the third image is for 3.5 “discs.

  • Other versions



Some advertisements of the game in magazines of great circulation of the time.



The disk images, have been obtained from the original version of the Classic Collection, have been recorded and verified.


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