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Company The Power House
Distribution The Power House
Conversion Kevin Thacker
Production team Programming: Mark Incley Graphic Design: Mark Incley - Jason Kettle
Year 1987, 2023
Style Labyrinth
Controls Keyboard, Kempston and Dk'tronics
Languages English
Status Preserved



Mayhem takes place in a spaceship, which has been sabotaged with a nuclear bomb. Your objective is to go through its 128 rooms, distributed in 4 decks, to find the digits that allow you to deactivate it. There are also several objects such as the gun that will help you in your mission.

Again, an excellent adaptation of Kevin Thacker for PCW, made with permission of the original author, Mark Incley.

The game supports both keyboard and joystick (Dk'tronics and Kempston).



- You won't be able to shoot if you haven't found the weapon. There are 4 covers: In each cover you will find a digit, all these must be collected and taken to the device, where the combination must be entered.


Then we leave you the map to make it easier for you to finish the game.


  • Mayhem (Compressed .DSK file in ZIP format)
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