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Mundo Amstrad


Editorial SYGRAN S.A.
Distributor G.M.E.
Year 1987 - 1988
Gender Computer magazine
Language Spanish
Status Preserved


It was a Spanish magazine that began with its first issue in November 1987. It consisted of only 5 copies and was entirely dedicated to Amstrad computers.

Inside, the latest developments in the 8-bit world stood out, both in terms of video games, hardware, software, etc., and it contained what all Amstrad users expected, the famous lists to type on our computers.

It was a magazine exclusively for Amstrad computer users with minimal or average knowledge and was published in black and white, except for its covers and interior advertising.


mundo_amstrad_n01.jpg mundo_amstrad_n02.jpg mundo_amstrad_n03.jpg mundo_amstrad_n04.jpg mundo_amstrad_n05.jpg


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