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Company Amstrad
Distributor Amstrad
Year 1988
Packaging Thin cardboard box of 22.50×18.60×3.00
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Load CP/M+
Language Spanish
Price Spain: 0,000 pesetas
Status Preserved



Although there is not much to explain about this Amstrad pack, since its manual is quite extensive and explicit, it is made up of 3 programs and a game designed for the office. It consists of the following programs Amsfile, Super Calc 2, Accounting and the 3-D Clock Chess game. Next, we will detail what each one of them consists of..

  • Amsfile.

It is a database program that allows us to easily and comfortably manage personal or professional files, taking advantage of the disk storage capacity of our PCW.

As general characteristics, we can highlight the speed of access to a given file, the possibility of searching conditioned by several fields of a file, alphabetical ordering by several fields simultaneously and four types of printer output for your reports or lists, incorporating the possibility of generating adhesive labels for correspondence and even personalized letters from its own text editor, mail-merge and generating a file for LocoMail (PCW 9512 version only).

Some of its features are that it supports up to 32,768 cards (it is limited by disk storage capacity), 50 fields per card, with 73 characters per field and a maximum length of 1,460 characters. The user defines to measure, even with semi-graphic characters. Search by one or several fields. Sort by one or several fields.

With these characteristics, we try to provide our PCW with a tool capable of satisfying the needs in terms of file and archive processing.

  • Supercalc 2.

Supercalc 2 is a powerful electronic spreadsheet. It consists of a two-dimensional grid, with cells at the intersection of each row and column. You can enter information into these cells and inter-relate it using powerful yet easy-to-use logic commands and built-in math functions. Since many calculations are done quickly, you can organize spreadsheets of variable conditions.

With Supercalc2 we manage the data in the electronic spreadsheet instead of using paper and pencil. Edit, format, store, calculate and print on command. It contains built-in answer screens, which provide us with immediate help explaining the available options.

It is a powerful tool to solve all kinds of financial, management or mathematical problems. It acts as a simple means of utilizing the power of our computer to perform respective tedious calculations. Solving any problem, from the simplest to the most complex, requires you to organize it logically. The simple and sensible approach to commands will help you organize your problems.

Once the problems have been clearly defined, the data can be easily changed and calculations recalculated quickly. It shows us the data in the format we choose, thus helping us to develop professional-looking documents. Once generated, the spreadsheets can be saved to disk for later editing or printing.

It admits 63 columns by 254 rows, and in its calculations it takes a precision of 16 significant figures. It has simultaneous windows and a calendar function and allows the consolidation of a sheet in memory with another on disk. Large number of built-in functions: trigonometric, mathematical, statistical, financial and logical.

  • Contabilidad.

It tries to be a simple program, in which the user can have his accounting mechanized and obtain the maximum amount of information that is expected from it.

The application collects all the possible options to mechanize an accounting and obtain from it the same results that are obtained from the accounting process in a classic way: Daily Book, General Ledger, Balance of Sums and Balances.

But to this we must add other possibilities offered by the program, such as: Maturity Control, Account Statement Consultation between two dates, Obtaining the VAT Balance (debtor or creditor), and much more..

  • 3-D Clock Chess.

It consists of an extraordinary and powerful three-dimensional chess game, using a unique level selection method. It always keeps us informed on the screen, enriching the pleasure and study of chess and we can save the games to disk.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.


Here you have the front and back of the original box.


The manual is a book with soft cardboard covers of 348 pages. Its measurements are: Height 21.50 x Width 15.50 cm. You can download it in the download section of this page.



Original discs supplied with PCW Software Pack.


Custom labels to print. Over the years due to their use, the labels are damaged and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the most similar to the extent of our possibilities, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those of you who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disc. Measurement in 3“ height: 2.40 cm - width: 6.80 cm. The first row of labels correspond to the original labels (1st and 3rd image) and the duplicates (2nd and 4th image) that come on the 3“ discs. The second row the labels adapted to 3.5” discs for the series PCW 8000. The third row are the labels also for 3.5“ drives but from the 9000 series.



The disk images, obtained from the original version of PCW Software Pack, have been recorded and verified.


Below you can download the PCW Software Pack program manual or view it online.

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