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Amstrad PCW 9512 Manual


Distributor Amstrad plc
Dimensions 20,70 x 14,70 x 2,70 cm
Year 1987
Author Amstrad plc
Pages 640
Language English
Status Preserved


Original manual supplied with the Amstrad PCW 9512, one of the largest and most extensive manuals in the PCW range. Includes handling and instructions for the machine. It starts from the installation after its unpacking, the use of the supplied disks, printer, printer paper, handling of LocoScript, introduction to the CP/M operating system, graphics, Commercial software, the commands of the CP/M Plus, the language Mallard Basic programming language and ending with the DR programming language. Logo.


This manual is bound in color cardboard covers, and the inner pages in thin black and white plain paper. Its measurements are: Height 20.70 cm x Width 32.10 cm. manual_amstrad_pcw9512_en_cover.jpg



  Part I: The PCW9512
    Chapter 1:   Getting Started
    Chapter 2:   Using your PCW
    Appendix I:  Expanding your PCW
    Appendix II: Troubleshooting
  Part II: LocoScript
    LocoScript Tutorial
    Stage 1: Basics
    Session 1: Fundamentals
    Session 2: Running off a letter
    Session 3: Preparing a new document
    Session 4: Printing
    Session 5: Changing a document - I: Small changes
    Session 6: Changing a document - II: Large scale changes
    Session 7: Keeping your discs organised
    Session 8: Checking your spelling
    Stage 2: Refinements
    Session 9:  Indenting, centring and justifying
    Session 10: Stressing words and phrases
    Session 11: Using character pitches and line spacings
    Session 12: Margins tabs and tables
    Session 13: Direct printing
    Session 14: Finding and Exchanging
    Session 15: Moving text around
    Stage 3: Advanced features
    Session 16: The Professional touch - I: Niceties of Layout
    Session 17: The Professional touch - II: Headers, Footers and Page numbers
    Session 18: Changing the Framework
    Session 19: Large documents
    Session 20: Using different types of paper
    Session 21: Mail merge - I: Producing standard letters and mailshots
    Session 22: Mail merge - II: Preparing the masters
    Session 23: Using different printwheels and different printers
    Session 24: Using one document as a pattern for another
    Postscript: Getting the best out of LocoScript 2
    Appendix I:   Converting to LocoScript 2
    Appendix II:  Glossary
    Appendix III: LocoScript 2 Characters
    Appendix IV:  Quick reference
    Appendix V:   Troubleshooting
 Part III: Using CP/M, BASIC and LOGO

    Chapter 1: Introduction to CP/M on the PCW9512
    Chapter 2: Which commands to use
    Chapter 3: Commercial Software for the PCW9512
    Chapter 4: Graphics on the PCW9512
    Chapter 5: The CP/M Plus built-in commands and utilities
    Mallard Basic
    Dr Logo
    Appendix I:   CP/M Plus character sets
    Appendix II:  Advanced use of the printer
    Appendix III: Terminal characteristics
    Appendix IV:  Error messages
  Licence Agreements



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