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Amstrad Magazine


Editorial Publinfor
Distributor Electroliber
Year 1988-1989
Gender Computer magazine
Language Portuguese
Status Preserved


Amstrad Magazine is a magazine edited in Portugal that goes on the market in May 1988. Its interior is almost a copy of some articles from the magazine edited in Spain “Amstrad User”. Only 15 numbers were published that complete the collection. Its content was semi-professional and dedicated to all Amstrad computer users, and focused from the start on the CPC range of personal computers.

It was characterized by its great content for the different Amstrad, CPC, PCW and PC machines, such as tricks, utilities, help, hardware, software, graphics, games, etc, with a wide variety of articles. Its first number was launched in May 1988 and ending with the launch of its last two numbers in a single magazine, 15 and 16 corresponding to November and December 1989, the latter is quite extensive.


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