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Preserved adj (kept safe, intact)

As the dictionary states, we strive to protect any Amstrad PCW material due to its scarcity.

Many documents, books, programs, peripherals, games, etc have been lost since this computer went on sale. After several decades, many ended up abandoned to their fate in warehouses, other in the trash and who knows where else.

That's why we try to preserve the maximum amount of material whether found on the net or yet undiscovered. There's still a lot to be found around the world and we'd like to emphasize the importance of preserving all this material from this wonderful machine, and make it available to all users and enthusiasts.

Every contribution to our preservation effort is always welcome!

This is how the PCWWiki started, after ideas and suggestions from Amstrad users, which found PCW material to be scarce, scattered and difficult to locate. So, we founded the PCWWiki with the idea to have a single place where Amstrad users could have many available material and easy to locate, and could enjoy again our memories from the 80's and the 90's.

It is the PCWWiki objective to preserve and spread classic computing and collaborate with Amstrad PCW users.


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