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PCW Today


Editorial Initiative Design and Print
Distributor Strad
Year 1996-2002
Gender Computer magazine
Language English
Status Not Preserved


PCW Today is an independent magazine, edited in Great Britain, with its first issue on the market in February 1996 with number 1. Its pages are entirely dedicated to the PCW range of computers. Its content is for the Amstrad PCW 8256, 8512, 9256, 9512, 9512+, 10 and 16. Only 16 numbers were published that complete the collection. Its content was semi-professional and it was printed in black and white.

Its wide variety of articles among the PCW range made it an exemplary magazine for the time, it was edited by a group of Amstrad PCW users. Its first issue was released in February 1996 and ending with the release of its last issue in February 2002.


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