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General Information

This wiki page has been created with DokuWiki, you can find all the information on it on its web page. We chose this system because is text-file based instead of using standard data bases, and it makes much easier to automatically add new content, and to create and restore backups.

You'll need an account to contribute to the wiki. Anonymous editing is forbidden to prevent vandalism. Accounts need to be validated by an administrator for the same reason. If you'd like to join us, just send as an e-mail to pcwwiki(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll create an account for you.

Thank you for your contibutions! We really hope to bring the PCW back in the spotlight.


The main limitation here is that thumbnail generation for very big images won't work due to the older version of PHP (However, images can be seen on their original size). We'll try to fix this issue when possible.

Some of the images don't conform to the standards defined below, as in some cases we don't have access to the original material. We'll be updating those images when possible, and we may compile a list of them so it makes our job easier.


File names will follow the TOSEC naming convention.

All uploaded software is property of the corresponding copyright owner. In case the owner of some piece of software doesn't want it available in our site, it will be deleted immediately.


For the information on the wiki to be coherent and easy to read, we though of a minimum set of style rules.

We created a template page so that you only have to copy the page code to a new one, and you'll have the structure of the page already created. As an example, the page of Tetris.

Most editing option will be available on the icon bar on top of the text field when editing a page. If you'd like to use a formatting option not present on the icon bar, please refer to the DocuWiki syntax reference.


All scans should be done at 300 dpi resolution, on a black background.

Screenshots will by preferably taken from Habi's CP/M Box emulator, in white and green, with the following settings:

  • Scanlines: CRT
  • Interlace: On
  • Border: Medium

Maybe we should include here a small guide for GIMP / Photoshop.

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