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It started as a UK-based development studio born in Cornwall, England. The company was known primarily for its text-based adventures.


In the 1980s, it began publishing some classic text games for Amstrad, Spectrum, Atari, BBC Micro, and PC. It was founded by a group of teachers in 1987 in England and is currently the publisher and distributor of children's software. It is one of the British companies that are still established since the eighties.

Company address:

  • Tolopogika
  • P.O. Box 39
  • Stilton
  • Peterborough PE7 3RL
  • Cambridgeshire-England MAG11499
  • Tel: 0487 831153

Current company address:

  • 1 South Harbor, Harbor Village, PENRYN
  • Cornwall TR10 8LR, +44 01326 377771

Company template:

  • Brian Kerslake (Founder)
  • David Seal (systems design)
  • Jon Thackray (systems design)
  • Richard Clayton (Implementation for Amstrad, Spectrum and PC)
  • David Turner (Apps for Atari)

Back in the 1980s, Acornsoft ceded software production by taking Topologika the publishing rights to a highly respected series of classic text games. The company was dissolved at the end of June 2013. Its software continues to be sold by REM and continues to be supported by its founder Brian Kerslake.

Its first products were interactive text adventure games, then it was only dedicated to launching arcade games. The versions produced by Topologika were large-scale improvements over written originals, such as those by creator Peter Killworth.


Among the software for the PCW of this company, we find the following:

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