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CRL Group PLC, British video game company better known as CRL of “Computer Rentals Ltd.”, was a company whose origins began with the rental of computers, hence its initials, before maintaining its commitment to the publishing and development of video games.

Company address:

  • CRL Group Plc
  • CRL House
  • 9 Kings Yard
  • Carpenters Road
  • London E15 2HD
  • Tel: 01-533 2918


  • Clem Chambers
  • Ian Ellery
  • Andrew Stoddart
  • Jeff Lee

They began with the production of video games in 1982 until the 90's. They created quite a few games for the computers of the time, among which simulation, strategy, adventure and horror games were developed. The British Board of Film Censorship, awarded “15” and “18” certificates to some of their games for their graphics depicting gory scenes. Their game distribution was primarily for Comoros 64 and Spectrum, and with very little support for Amstrad, Amiga and ST.


They developed very few games for the Amstrad PCW, among which we highlight the following:

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