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PCW Magazine


Editorial BMF Grupo de Comunicación, S.A.
Distributor Coedis
Year 1991
Gender Computer magazine
Language Spanish
Price Peninsula: 500 Pesetas - Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 450 Pesetas
Status Preserved


PCW Magazine, was one of the magazines, so long desired and expected by Amstrad PCW users, a magazine dedicated only to this computer. It was highly demanded by a large number of users who felt neglected and helpless.

The magazine was not very successful, it can be deduced from its only number 1, which was released in January 1991, although the second number was announced for July 1991, as the magazine itself pointed out, it never came out on newsstands. One of its priorities was to be a faithful reflection of everything related to programs and hardware in our country, which served as guidance and help for the user, although it also echoed what was happening outside our country.

It was a very complete magazine, where with its first and only launch number, it covered product reviews, player guides, training, applications, mail, listings, games, program management, news, etc. It was a fairly strong bet, but a pity that it did not have the release of new issues among all the Amstrad PCW users who expected such a magazine.


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