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Gran Juego Othello

Company Zelig Software
Distributor Zelig Software
Production team A stranger
Year 1986
Packaging Hard cardboard box 18,80 × 25,10 × 2,20
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Loading CP/M+
Gender Board game
Language Spanish
Price Spain: 0.000 Ptas
State Preserved



Othello's game is a recreational program for the PCW similar to the game of Checkers, it is a game of mental skill as it requires a bit of meditation to avoid a disastrous ending. This is the classic oriental game of Othello, based on a few simple rules. It consists of getting the largest possible number of tiles of the same color, as in the case of checkers, by closing one or more of the opponent's tiles between two own tiles (cross, horizontal or vertical), these change to our color. The rules of the game are simple and are explained in the accompanying manual.

The program allows you to play against the machine or against another player. If you play against the computer you can choose between three levels of difficulty. It requires a certain visual acuity since the plays can be transversal, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Othello can easily be beaten at first, but as games are played, they are memorized.

The program has been endowed with the ability to learn from the plays made (you become a smart player). Artificial intelligence is used in the Othello so that the computer stores the information of the opponent's moves to be able to use them in his future movements.

It has a demo mode, in which the computer plays with itself, apart from being able to use its screen as a board between two users.

The best positions are always the upper lines, of course, starting from the center of the board since the situation is dominated, this is best observed during the game.

Commands or instructions

  • In screens 2 and 3 the “SAL” key allows you to return to screen 1.
  • The “P” key tells the machine that we pass, that we cannot make any move, the computer will check it.
  • The “Z” key interrupts the game and returns to the main screen.

The program has three options: single player, two players and self-entertainment, each one being quite specific.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.


  • Original cover

Here you have the front and back of the original cover.

  • Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Width 18.80 x Height 21.10 cm.


Below is the manual printed on plain paper, single sided, in black and white. Its measurements are: Width 15.80 cm x Height 21.60 cm.


Original disc supplied with Gran Juego Othello.


Custom labels to print. Over the years, due to their use, the labels are damaged and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the most similar in the measure of our possibilities, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disc. Measurement in 3 “height: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same modified label to be able to replace the broken one and the third and fourth images are for 3.5 “discs.

Coming soon


User card

The card is printed on plain black and white paper on one side only: Its measurements are: Width 31.50 cm x Height 21.60 cm.

User file

The user file is printed on plain black and white paper on one side only: Its measurements are: Width 15.80 cm x Height 21.60 cm.


The envelope printed in black and white. Its measurements are: Width 17.10 cm x Height 12.00 cm.



The disc images, obtained from the original version of Gran Juego Othello, have been recorded and verified.

Manuals and extras

Below you can download the manual and extras for the Big Game Othello game or view it online.

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