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Company Design Design
Publisher Crystal Computing
Year 1985
Packaging Plastic case 10,80×14,00×1,60
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Controllers Keyboard - Joystick
Load CP/M
Genre Arcade - Labyrinth
Languages English
Status Preserved


halls_of_the_things_screenshot01.png halls_of_the_things_screenshot02.png halls_of_the_things_screenshot03.png halls_of_the_things_screenshot04.png
halls_of_the_things_screenshot05.png halls_of_the_things_screenshot06.png halls_of_the_things_screenshot07.png halls_of_the_things_screenshot08.png


This game is supposed to have been published back in the day, according to author Simon Brattel, but we haven't found any copy yet.

What we did find is the original source files on Simon Brattel's Design Design web site.

Simon kindly gave us permission to use them to create a working version of the game for you to enjoy. Please find the original source files and many other interesting stuff at Simon's Design Design web site (links below).

Hall of the Thing is a labyrinth game with simple graphics resembling Berzerk, quite fun and addictive.

The objective of the game is to escape the tower you find yourself trapped in. To achieve that, you'll have to find the seven rings hidden in the seven upper levels of the tower, to gain access to the lower level, where you'll need to find the key that will allow you to lower the drawbridge and escape.

The things, terrifying human incarnations trained by the three Evil Lord of the Halls, will do their best to stop you from succeeding.

You'll find several objects and potions to help you recover your strength along the way.

Each level is a huge labyrinth with hundreds of rooms and halls. You'll habe to be very careful as the Things can disguise themselves as obstacles! The only way to be sure is to shoot them.

The player can take and drop objects, open and close doors and halls, shoot, cast spells and heal your injuries. In any moment, te player can pause the game and see the statistics for the current game.

The game ends when your injuries reach 100% (or you escape).

There was a sequel to the game, called “Return of the Things”, that didn´t appear for the Amstrad PCW.


Front side of the cover we designed for the game recovered from the original source files. Width 13,20 x Height 31,60 cm.



The back side of the cover contains the rest of the instructions. Width 13,20 x Height 31,60 cm.



As we assembled the game from Simon Brattel's sources, we had to create some nice labels for your 3“ disks (Width 7,00 cm - Height 7,10 cm), ready to print.



Here is the disk image of the game, assembled by HabiSoft.


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