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Loriciels was created in September 1983 by Mac BAYLE and Laurant WEILL.


Loriciels aware of the decisive importance on sales of its communication policy, the young company integrates from the first months a marketing and advertising department, directed by Philippe SEBAN. A year later in September 1984, LORICIELS is at the top of the French publishers with 200,000 programs sold in this first year and a turnover of 12 million francs.

Known company addresses:

  • Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 6RX
  • 81, Rue de la Procession 92500 Rueil Malmaison

Company template:

  • Laurant Weill (President and CEO)
  • Mac Bayle (Managing Director)
  • Philippe Seban (Communications Director)

During 1985 LORICIELS continued its progression and ended its balance sheet with a turnover of 19 million francs.

The essential particularity of LORICIELS has been and will be to make quality products, entirely made in France, that is, 100% French products.

Its catalog therefore has more than 150 programs that cover practically all fields of application, from arcade, adventure or reflection games, through management software, to utilities of all kinds.

In 1986 LORICIELS began exporting and during the winter of this year, it signed an agreement with the American company Activisión. Through this reciprocal agreement, Activisión sells Loriciels products exclusively in the US and in some European countries such as Germany and England.

On the other hand, the creators of Loriciels, Marc BAYLE and Laurant WEILL, are associated with Elliot GRASSIANO and Patrick LENESTOUR founding another company, MICROIDS, whose first object is micro-robotics and home automation.

Around the same time, in a spectacular career, Loriciels founded his professional computing subsidiary, PRIAM, in the one that arises, after three years, its first program: EVOLUCION, a word processing of the new generation. Evolution has been crossed out, both for its possibilities and for its ease of use, as one of the best text processing in the micro-computer software market and has also been very favorably received by the international press as a whole.

In autumn 1986 Loriciels made a spectacular offensive with many new features and a strong advertising presence.

It all begins in September, the month that Loriciels chooses to get oxygenated and move to Rueil, to premises tailored to his ambitions. In total 1,500 m2 of offices and warehouses, fully adapted to your needs.

LORICIELS makes a groundbreaking entry, with a fortnight of new generation programs: SAPIENS, M.G.T., BACTRON, BOB WINNER, etc.

Loriciels was a joint-stock company, with a capital of half a million francs and with three people on the board of directors. After having integrated its advertising agency, LORICIELS incorporates a graphic study that will allow it to carry out all operations internally from now on (advertising, Loriciels New; Informative bulletin, etc).

A team of engineers, programmers, graphic artists, musicians and salesmen with an eye to the future, allowed LORICIELS to affirm its position as one of the leaders in the French market and to develop exports.

Lastly, Loriciels, Priam and Microids had a total of 32 people and the turnover for 1987 was estimated at 50 million francs.

In 1990 Loriciels began to have some financial difficulties and the company simply dropped the “s” from its name becoming Loriciel, and in 1992 the company still continued with financial problems and they changed their name once again, this time they become call “Virtual Studio”. In 1995 Virtual Studio was officially extinct.


Among the software for the PCW of this company, we find the following:

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