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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
 +Chomp is a game with a variation on the theme of the classic Hangman. However, this version of an old favorite is definitely anti-capital punishment and sees punishment instead, a battle between a ravenous spider and a caterpillar that seems quite concerned.
 +The player's objective is to guess a hidden word, this being the Executioner. All the words in this version have been related to animals. It's also all single words, no phrases, though this might not be a bad addition to the program if you really want to start testing your friends or kids.
 +Each time an incorrect letter is chosen, you are informed of the fact and a spider descends a little further down its thread from the top right of the screen, ready to snap the caterpillar in two. Each time a correct letter is chosen, the caterpillar is one step closer to freedom. If the whole word is found, the caterpillar runs off the stage only to be forced back, whether you want to play another game or not. You have seven chances to come up with the correct answer; it might have been an idea to try to provide a skill level with a higher or lower number of tries.
 +What makes this version of the game so compelling is the fact that every option has been considered. You don't have to restart CHOMP.BAS every time you want a new game; nor do you have to play through a set of games before you can escape. The spider moves very smoothly just like its prey. Another option thought
 +it is the fact that the game remembers which letters you have already chosen and warns us of the fact that it is trying to reuse one. Overall, CHOMP.BAS would be a nice break for a few minutes for adults and their children that would serve as a quintessential educational tool.
 +The animal names have been stored on the DATA lines at the end of the program. These can obviously be changed or extended when you see fit and you get bored with the game. The scope of this game is very wide and it will provide many people with an enjoyable pastime.
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