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 +====== Learning To Love Your Amstrad - Word Processing on the Amstrad PCW 9512 ======
 +===== File =====
 +{{:​libros:​presentacion:​Learning_To_Love_Your_Amstrad_p1.JPG?​340|}} {{:​libros:​presentacion:​Learning_To_Love_Your_Amstrad_p2.JPG?​340|}}
 +^ Editorial | [[..:​compañias:​pandor_house|Pandor House Publications]] ​      |
 +^ Dimensions | Width: 14,90 cm x High: 21,10 cm x Width: 1,00 cm                               |
 +^ Year |1990                               |
 +^ Author |Daphne Macara ​                               |
 +^ Pages |98                               |
 +^ ISBN-10|1-871248-01-9 ​ |
 +^ ISBN-13|978-1871248012 ​                             |
 +^ Language | English ​                           |
 +^ Price | England: £10,​95 ​                           |
 +^ State | [[preserved|Preserved]] |
 +===== Description =====
 +The book, as is usual in those of the PCW's range, deals with the LocoScript word processor, but this time it does so by talking about the version for the Amstrad PCW 9512, which is somewhat unusual.
 +It includes the way to produce perfect documents, such as letters, articles, reports, theses and a long etc, without spending hours trying to figure out how to do it.
 +It picks up document preparation,​ like changing chapter titles or page numbers, increasing the number of lines on a page, setting new margins and tabs and without having to retype: correcting spelling or typos, change font size, justify or remove justification,​ change single line spacing to double.
 +It tells us about the use of LocoMail to match names and addresses of a mailing list in invoices or standard letters; or insert these from the keyboard. Using the dictionary with 78,000 words built into LocoSpell to check spelling and typing errors, offer a correctly spelled alternative,​ and count words. How to hide the files so that no one else can see them using your machine and how to recover lost files from Limbo.
 +A highly recommended and well-taught book for those new to LocoScript and a PCW 9512.
 +===== Images =====
 +This book is a metal ringed type with soft colored cardboard covers and inner sheets of fine white paper and black and white printing.
 +{{:​libros:​portadas:​Learning_to_love_your_amstrad_cover.jpg?​900 }} 
 +===== Content =====
 +                     ​FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND LOCOSCRIPT 2
 +First Things First
 +Disc Management Display
 +Function Keys
 +Command Keys
 +Character Keys
 +Alternative Keyboards
 +Do and Don´t Do
 +Copy: Format: Verify:
 +Paper Types
 +Templates for Your Use
 +The Changing Screen
 +Tips yo Try Out
 +                     ​CREATING AND EDITING DOCUMENTS
 +How To ...
 +Editing Document
 +Cut and Paste
 +Line Space
 +Edit Indetity
 +Character Pitch
 +Line Pitch
 +Hyphens and Spaces
 +Using a Different Layout
 +Find Page
 +Edit Options
 +Exit Options
 +                     ​CREATING AND EDITING DOCUMENTS
 +Headers abd Footers
 +Page Numbering
 +Preparint Stock Layouts
 +Tip to Try out
 +                     ​PRINTING
 +Printing on Single Sheets
 +Printer Ribbon
 +Give Documents Consecutive Page Numbers
 +Continuous Paper
 +Direct Printing
 +                     ​ORGANISING YOUR DISCS
 +Naming and Renaming
 +Copy Documents
 +Move Documents
 +Inspect Documents
 +Hidden Files
 +                     ​LOCOSCRIPT 2 COURSE
 +Absolute Beginners
 +Contents of Course
 +Session 1: Creating a Document
 +Session 2: Blocks
 +Session 3: Phrases
 +Session 4: Paragraphs
 +Session 5: Making Quick Changes
 +Session 6: Layout
 +Session 7: Inserting Headings and Page Numbers
 +Session 8: Find and Exchange
 +Session 9: Identify Documents
 +Session 10: Limbo
 +Session 11: Printing
 +Session 12: Giving Documents Consecutive Page Numbers
 +                     ​LOCOMAIL
 +Creating a Datafile
 +Setting up a Datafile
 +Dear Sir (Customer or Member)
 +Dear Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms
 +Dear Mr XXX MP
 +Sales Letter
 +Merging Template with Datafile
 +Fill from Keyboard
 +Filling from Keyboard
 +Filling Labels from the Keyboard
 +                     ​LOCOSPELL
 +Calling up the Dictionary
 +Unfamiliar Word, Spelling Mistakr or Typing Error
 +Saving Words in a User Dictionary
 +Building a User Dictionary
 +Removing Words from a User Dictionary
 +Check a Single Word
 +Word Count
 +Proof Reader
 +Storing Several Dictionaries
 +                     HELP
 +         ​LocoScript warnings in CAPITALS
 +Can´t Complete a Line
 +Can´t Get Out of Capitals
 +Can´t Get Out of Italics/​Bold
 +Can´t Get Out ofNumerals
 +Can´t Paste a Phrase In
 +Can´t Move
 +Decimal Tab isn´t fuctioning
 +No Printing Option
 +Pages Wrongly Numbered in printout
 +Words on Screen are Underlined
 +Words form up in a narrow column
 +Text Slides Off Screen to left
 +You Have Split Your Drink on the Keyboard
 +                     INDEX
 +===== Presentation =====
 +{{:​libros:​portadas:​Learning_to_love_your_amstrad_box_1.JPG?​450|}} {{:​libros:​portadas:​Learning_to_love_your_amstrad_box_2.JPG?​450|}}
 +===== Downloads =====
 +  * {{libros:​descargas:​Learning_to_love_your_amstrad.pdf|Learning to love your amstrad Book}}
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