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Head Over Heels

Company Ocean Software Ltd.
Distributor Erbe Software
Production team Programming: Jon Ritman - Graphics: Bernie Drummond (Berni) - Illustration: Bob Wakelin
Year 1987
Packaging Black plastic case 12,70 × 16,30 × 1,80
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard - Joystick
Loading CP/M+
Gender Arcade
Language English
Price Spain: 3.500 Ptas
State preserved



According to legend, the Blacktooth Empire, located on a distant planet in the solar system, exercised a tyrannical dictatorship over four neighboring planets. This, which mattered little to the other planets, began to be a cause for concern as soon as they began to observe the military power that such a sinister Empire was developing. Since they did not like this at all, they sent a spy, considerably strange, by the way, to revolt the slave planets. To achieve this, the spy would have to find the crown of each of the slave kingdoms.

Head over Hills, that was our spy's name, was a being … or two? In which the head and the feet had their own identity. The head, Head, rode on Hills, the feet, but this did not mean that Head could not move without Hills or vice versa. What's more, when they were captured in Blacktooth while gathering information to search for one of the crowns, they were each locked up and separated in one place so that they could not perform their task.

Our mission is to escape from their confinement and reunite them in the market place and guide them to Freedom, the planet from which they originate and achieve the five lost crowns of the planets that make up the empire where they live and return to their native country Freedom, whose name means freedom .. These slave planets that make up the empire are: Egyptus, Penitentiary, Safari, the World of books and Blanktooth. Egyptus was reminiscent of a planet, Earth, which had a very similar region. In Penitentiary all opponents of tyranny were confined. Safari was a densely green planet full of traps. But the really amazing planet was the World of Books; on this planet the Blacktooth tyrant stored all the Western novels he bought, which by the way, were countless.

Our cute little friends must free the empire from the hands of the Tyrant. This mission unfolds through 321 high-quality screens that make up the game, where the precious jewels (crowns), symbols of galactic power, are supposed to be found scattered around them.

To reach them we will find multiple aids in the different rooms: reincarnating fish, white rabbits, donut-throwing trumpets, donut boxes, teleportations, etc .: but not all are helps, since the difficulties placed by the Tyrant would make anyone went home, but not us; For this reason we must face, with the sole help of donuts, the gigantic androids, the electrified floors or the uncontrolled robots.

The game bears a strong resemblance to the famous Batman. But despite this similarity we find an original approach of two protagonists with the same mission and each with limitations that the other does not have. Although the characters and the objective of the game are different from those of Batman, the graphic style maintains the same line that gave such popularity to the famous game. However this time the argument is different.

It's that easy! But as it seems a bit long and complex, we'd better start the adventure now.

Picking up some things first

First of all, we must prepare for the expedition, taking some objects that may be very useful in the future. Our appearance on the scene puts us in command of Head, in a small room from which an appetizing hare can be seen at the top of a staircase. Head must learn to climb it by jumping from hole to hole in it.

After making the rabbit disappear from circulation, we can see that Heels is on the other side of the door, waiting for us to put it into action, although it will have to wait a few more screens …

From the initial room we teleport, we cross the door that appears before us and we fall into the void, to glimpse a door below that will lead us to a corridor where the path divides in two. Entering the first one, we find our first enemy, which will be deactivated using the lever for this purpose, located at the back of the room. Nearby is a basket of stun donuts.

Through the other entrance, there is another corridor with two doors, but this time we continue straight ahead. There is a room there with an exit that leads to the room where there is a gun. To collect it you just have to jump from tower to tower. Returning by our own steps, we cross the door that we previously let pass by, and two rooms later we will arrive at a somewhat compromised one. A ledge hangs in the air in front of us, which, when we jump over it, will disappear and we will fall on the radioactive floor at the slightest failure.

Straight ahead, to the North, there is a room with a bar. Behind her are some interesting objects. The problem is how to jump the fence, but we can use a somewhat old method just in case it sneaks in, with a clean stick, that is, to push the innocent fence. A gap will open on one side (apart from our head), after which we only have to shoot the individual who is there to be quiet and calm and pick up what interests us.

Outside there, by the second way, we find some other obstacle easily solved with skill; courage, and the bull. Further, we will try to convince another individual that violence is not the best way to achieve our goals, to whose conviction he will arrive with a good paralyzing shot. Nearby, a guinea pig will provide us with immunity for some time.

Through one door we found an enemy wandering from one side of the room to the other, through the other an exit placed high up. To overcome it, we must go up to the ledge with the elevator, push three cubes, and slide them under the door, to use them as a ladder.

Continuing, we come to a cliff. Below is nothing more and nothing less than the greengrocer! But look where there are a couple more units of energy, which never hurt. Nearby, there is a room with a cube. The mission is over for the moment, it's Heels' turn.

Heading to the greengrocer

Thanks to the change button we put ourselves in command of Heels. Using the transporter we reach a super jump, which we must use to cross the next door. After it, an elevator will take us to a room, whose side door allows us to reach the suitcase, an essential object in the adventure- Using the remote control, we take the robot to the end of the room, now to the left, to later push the brick until he is within jump shot and we can collect the coveted suitcase.

On leaving there, aided by a block, he found an elevator, and next to him, a rather catchy individual, against whom our best weapon is speed. Upstairs we find a corridor, which is curiously familiar, as if we had already passed through there before. At the end of the long corridor there are more enemies and a rabbit that will give us super jumps.

Going up the elevator we reach a room with three enemies moving from one side to the other, but look what a coincidence: there is a ball that pushing it collides nothing more and nothing less against a paralyzing lever. After crossing the door we dropped off the cliff.

Downstairs are two high-rise doors and … four blocks. If it weren't for the robot that is pestering the room, nothing would be easier than stacking the four blocks on the door to the right and picking up the shield on the other side, in the shape of a rabbit, after crossing a path of rollers. Going down at full speed, to take advantage of the invulnerability, we stacked the cubes on the other door and crossed the frame.

Crossing a corridor, we reach a cliff that will make you fall on Head, but since the game is not called Heels over Head, you will have to place the last one on the first. Well coupled, you have to get out of there thanks to the corner block, through the door on the right, not yet explored. The real adventure begins now.

In the Safari Kingdom

Head and Heels, by joining together, had joined their teams, and their chances of success were enlarged. But the future held the odd trick for them … Controlling a robot with the remote control, we passed the next room jumping on it.

Further, dangers of little consideration, until finding the odd robot swarming, allergic to Head's shots. Heading north, we run into another enemy, which this time we will have to dodge, to later jump into the void.

We are in a room with an elevator and two doors. For one of them, the presence of Head causes the disintegration of the stairs leading to another door. On the other way out, the problem is Heels. Again the paths of our heroes part.

Controlling Head we will find a transporter that will take us to a room with a single door. After it, a couple of jumps and we will reach the next one. In an apparently quiet room, we will leave Head for a moment, as Heels, at that very moment, is in trouble when he jumps on two ghost tiles, which quickly disintegrate, although with reflections it is easy to jump until picking up the rabbit that gives us ten super jumps.

We will continue to a room with two transporters; one of them locked behind bars. Activating the other, we appear in another place where we will change the transporter to appear in the previous room, and collect the rabbit present there, to later teleport again.

Going through the gate, let's continue north, then west, and north again. Over there there is a rabbit with a shield that can get us out of a compromised situation. Transporting himself again, he appeared in a room whose only exit led to … Head …

Again on horseback they continued the adventure, until they reached a place where some blocks formed an arrow on the ground. Taking the path to the right, we found a transporter that introduced us to the realm of Safari. Arriving in a room with two paths, it was again time to part.

Let's continue with Head until we reach a large room. There we have to climb on top of the block above the robot and reach the door behind the gate. On the left path, we will find more paralyzing donuts, vital in some cases. On the right, we continue until we find another crossroads. Now to the left until you reach the large room.

Pushing the ball against one of the cubes, jumping up to the gate and reaching another door, we reached a room with three enemies, soon paralyzed on their screens, and with the help of a spring we left there. We continue on his way to find an interesting object at the top of a room, but what is Heels doing?

We take command at the site of the last separation. We go through three rooms, we turn right, go through another two, until we reach a room with a door on the right, which we arrive by jumping from block to block. A couple of robots later, let's find Head.

In the next room, we use the remote-controlled robot to push the block, and place it a reasonable distance to jump. We place the robot near the door and in two jumps we are there, but we need to take, at the same time as we jump, the block, to later place it on the robot's head and jump from there.

We came to a room with an unreachable door. On the other we will find an elevator and a conveyor. Going up the first one, we go through the door of the previous room. We jump into the void and behind the door is the crown of the Safari kingdom, high up. Catching her is another story.

We push with a block a gap that has remained; we push the robot with a block so that it moves on the second row of blocks. Later, we went up to the turret, and from there we dropped a block on the robot. We climb on top of it and from there Head will take the crown.

In the Kingdom of Penitentiary

In the next room we use the transporter until we reach the arrow room again. This time we use the door on the left and the transporter. Going through the gate, we again come to a division of roads.

Heels must go up to find a door. Behind her, he finds the room from which he will leave with a block opportunely placed there. When exiting to the right, we wait for Head. This must rise, like Heels, until it meets again. Once united, we go up, we go through more rooms until we find two paths again. This is another farewell.

Heels, on the left, finds a transporter, and after activating it, he finds himself in a familiar place. He jumps up to the other transporter and arrives at a place with a crown. It's time to wait for Head.

We go down two levels (controlling Head) and we reach the room where Heels is. This is on top of a sandwich. We place Head under him, and Heels must push the sandwich until it falls on top of Head, and after the sandwich, he. We approach a block, and we leave it on top of Head. Now we place all the objects on top of a block that is below the crown, and Head, jumping from Heels, will reach the second crown.

The crown of Egyptus

With the transporter we reached the room with the arrow. Going through the door that points to this, we run to the right and activate the teleporter. We appear in the mysterious kingdom of Egyptus. We go through screens until we reach one with two doors. Now to the left and to continue walking another four more screens. A new divorce is coming …

Head will reach a teleporter and an elevator. Placing ourselves on top of the super jump we reach the upper floor, from there we go up two more floors and wait. Heels will be there soon.

We come to a room where there is a rabbit, which we collect, naturally. Further down we went down four levels, crossed two screens, went up a couple of floors, and activated the transporter. Behind him, the fourth of the crowns.

First of all, onlookers must be removed from circulation. After we throw the block that is attached to the turret, we go up to the ledge that has been left free, and we leave the block to later jump and collect the crown.

The Kingdom of the Book

With the transporter we reach the arrow room and take the path to the left. There, a transporter will take us to the last of the worlds. Heels walks left, passes two screens, and turns left, then right, and so on until he cannot continue.

Head must go through four rooms, now to the right, seven more to the front, to the left, to the left again, and finds an elevator that will take him up one floor. He walks avoiding robots and falls next to Heels.

One on top of the other, they must cross up to four more rooms, to later go down two floors. One more room and another crown. With the blocks we collect it and we get ready to look for the last one. We went upstairs and used the transporter.

In the room with the arrow, we use the path that this indicates, and we reach a new separation from our fellow adventurers. Heels goes through a couple of rooms, now to the right, and we find a transporter, which we use to get to the last world. We pass the screen and, using the super jump, we jump to the ground to wait for Head.

He finds himself going through two screens, turns right, and finds Heels. Now we must take the right door to reach a room with a large fence. We shoot at it to open a hole. Head goes through it, and from there to an existing one, to push a block to the ground. Heels passes helped by him and Head.

We crossed three more rooms, and found a room with no exit. Head must get under the explosive blocks and take the last of the crowns. Now it only remains to achieve freedom by reaching Freedom.

From Freedom to Heaven

We retrace our own steps and take the path where Head appeared in the room in the block hall. We turn right and go through screens until we reach a room with a high door. We shook a shot at the robbery, and pushing a block that has fallen to the ground, an elevator makes its appearance, in which we get on.

Climbing to the far right of the room, we jumped. We enter the door of the lower screen and pass the robot that is enclosed between the blocks, and so on until we reach a transporter that will take us to the end of the adventure: Freedom, freedom …


In the following images you can check the original packaging.


  • Original cover

Here you have the front of the original cover.

  • Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Width: 25.50 cm x Height: 15.30 cm.


Spanish manual in black and white on glossy paper and is located on the back of the cover. Its measurements are: Width: 25.50 cm x Height: 15.30 cm.


Original disc supplied with Head Over Heels.


Custom labels to print them. Over the years due to their use, the labels are spoiled and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the closest thing to the best of our abilities, labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disk. Measure in 3 “high: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same label modified to replace the broken one and the third and fourth image is for the 3.5 “discs.



  • With this POKE you will get 99 lives, with which we assure you you can finish the game. Edit with a record editor (The Knife) track 3, sector 9, second half, and replace in line 100 where it says 08 08 with 63 63. You should do it in a backup copy, never in the original.
  • Head's fritter shooter and Heels bag to collect items are near the beginning. Pick them up, they are a must.
  • Don't waste the fritters.
  • The bag allows you to collect objects and use it anywhere in the room.
  • Teleporters are the only way between one world and another.
  • Use the switches to stop the enemies.
  • The reincarnation fish will prevent you from starting the game from the beginning, in the event that you are killed.
  • Sleepy dogs only serve you with Heels. If Head is in sight, they will disappear.
  • Rabbits are essential to finish the game. Some will give you extra lives, others super jumps, the third invulnerability and the last superspeed.
  • Head and Heels can be handled independently or as a single character if you ride one on top of the other. Select the option with the Swop key.


Here are some maps to make it easier for you to finish the game.


Some advertisements of the game in magazines of great circulation of the time.



The disc images, obtained from the original version of Head Over Heels, have been recorded and verified.


Below you can download the Head Over Heels game manual or view it online.


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