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Graham Gooch´s Test Cricket

Company SuperSoft
Distributor Audiogenic Software Ltd
Production team Programming: Graham Blighe
Year 1986
Packaging Transparent methacrylate box 8,50 × 11,70 × 1,00
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Loading CP/M+
Gender Sports
Language English
Price England: £15,00
State Preserved



It's a perfect game despite the monochrome green screen of the PCW, grass, grass and more grass marked with white lines. The simulation allows us to play 40, 55 or 60 games and two games full of possibilities. At first the configuration is established with Australia and England, but the names of the teams and players can be changed.

The game is developed in two modes, simulation and arcade, the first refers to a relaxing game that we can simply sit and watch and in the second much more participation is needed. One or two players can participate, the computer has nine rating levels in a single player game.

The basic game screen shows one screen viewed from the pitch itself and the other from a view with views from the stands. The two teams are chosen from a squad of 20 players, each having different abilities in hitting and hitting the ball. Once the team and the type of game have been selected, you can start playing.

In simulation mode you only have to choose the batter's tactic and what part of the field we should attack by batting. The arcade mode requires that the user at the time of making the shot when hitting two keys are pressed as an alternative to improve the performance of the player and the batting when we run. If the ball is sent to the sides of the screen, another screen will appear automatically showing us where the ball was sent.

All the usual rules of the game are those of the LBW, and all the concepts of the game are saved, such as catches, exhaustion, clean pitches, tired hitters in long periods, a new ball, statements and complements. The graphics are very well animated and the game well thought out and presented. The computer can provide strong opposition and the player's players are a lot of fun. It will delight all cricket fans and many more.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.



  • Original cover.

Here you have the front of the original cover.

  • Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Height 10,00 x Length 16,50 cm.


The manual is printed on glossy black and white paper on the back of the cover. Its measurements are: Height 10.00 x Width 16.50 cm.


Original disk supplied with Graham Gooch's Test Cricket.


Custom labels to print them. Over the years due to their use, the labels are spoiled and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the closest thing to the best of our ability, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disk. Measure in 3 “high: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same label modified to replace the broken one and the third and fourth image is for the 3.5 “discs.




The disk images, obtained from the original version of Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, have been recorded and verified.


Below you can download the Graham Gooch's Test Cricket game manual or view it online.


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