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Company Opera Soft
Distributor Opera Soft
Production team Programming: Ángel Zarazaga Escribano - Graphics: J. Alberto Ochoa Fernández - Cover Illustration: Alfonso Azpiri
Year 1989
Packaging Transparent methacrylate box 14,30 × 15,20 × 1,30
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Loading Autostart
Gender Arcadian
Language Spanish
Price Spain: 3.900 Ptas
State Preserved



“Gonzzalezz”, another of the productions of the Spanish company Opera Soft, is a nice and sleepy character, especially when the summer heat hits. But he has a big problem: nightmares loom over his dreams and he lives stories that are no less than unpleasant. The game is divided into two independent and distinct loads: in the first, the action takes place in a horizontal plane, where our friendly friend will have to go through the different phases of the game based on jumping, flapping and walking. In the second, our friend must use his head a little more and take advantage of all the objects that he finds in an intelligent way: pistols, bags of money, insecticides, and so on.

The game

My name is “Gonzzalezz” son of Pancho Colate and Martita Chavargas. Taking advantage of the fact that I had left work early today, I decided to go to my brother's restaurant, famous for its enchiladas, its tamales and its snacks. As sometimes my voracious appetite is triggered, today's meal has turned into a true culinary orgy, at the end of which fatigue and sleep have begun to claim their rights.

But since my brother's restaurant is a bit far from my house, I have decided to take a restful nap in his home … but I did not have certain details: I am a person who misses his bed a lot; I have eaten like a bad beast; Tomorrow they change my section and it is essential that I arrive at work on time; I am quite a nervous person.

For all this, I think that what I am living now is a nightmare. Either that or I've gone crazy once and for all.

But of course, it could not be a normal and ordinary nightmare, dreaming that you fall into the void and fall and fall, or that you get lost in the subway and do not find the exit … no, I prefer to imagine a circuit of eight phases, all They are full of murderous enemies at the slightest contact. But if you want to know the best, I am unarmed and … there is no ground; as I like to make things difficult for myself, I prefer the classic platforms, well away from each other, between which I will have to jump to reach the end and be able to turn off the damn alarm clock, whose continuous noise is going to get me frantic.

Phase 1

We begin our tour and observe some wide platforms (less than a stone) between which are located some minivolcanoes from which columns of water come out like geysers whose contact will cause the classic decrease in the number of lives. By the way, now that I'm safe on a platform, I'll take the opportunity to look down. Wow, not bad, a sea of ​​sulfuric acid, with its little boats, its eddies and … Roman columns! (In the nightmare everything is allowed, right?).

Phase 2

But hop by hop we are already in phase two. What a change! now the landscape is made up of a conglomeration of pipes (with taps and all) equipped with projections in which (I hope) I will develop my nightmare. I contemplate that this phase my brain has given free rein to its electromagnetic phobias. Now my enemies are simple magnets, which do not kill on contact, but have the property of attracting me, with the consequent difficulty in making jumps and the enormous probability of falling to the ground! It would be fantastic, if it weren't for the fact that photoelectric cells are installed on the floor that activate when they detect the slightest speck of dust, releasing a discharge that would make my hair stand on end.

Phase 3

Phase three and scenery worthy of a science fiction novel. The columns half buried in the earth present a series of giant flowers whose stems are rooted along the column. To complete the drawing, some mutants in the form of flying and / or rolling vacuum cleaners that will engulf us as soon as we enter their field of action.

Phase 4

Third change for the fourth stage. We return to the sea as a background landscape and a kind of tables one on top of the other will serve as support. Two notes: in this phase (it will not be the only one) a whirlpool will serve as a bridge between two platforms and there will be a jump that we will have to make in a special way. Do not despair, because it can be difficult. The trick is to press the jump key quickly once we are descending, which delays the fall a bit and gives us time to reach the next platform. As for enemies, be careful, it is a very difficult phase. We have some flying hammers that move at a devilish speed and that will make us bite the dust more times than we would like.

Phase 5

Fifth phase and in the variety is the taste. Together with our old friends from phase 2, the photoelectric cells, we now find giant spotlights hanging from the sky that will send us a well-polarized plug with best wishes for a speedy death and a treacherous whirlpool. Be careful with this whirlpool because it is also necessary to use it as in the previous phase, with the disadvantage that we will have to fall at its ends, because if we do it in the center we will sink into it and it will take us to phase 1! To move we will use palm trees (be careful because it also has its electrical trick), umbrellas and the upper part of some spotlights.

Courage, there is less. I now observe how the same flowers of the third phase sprout in a huge tree in whose branches are settled some chickens that release killer eggs. Speaking of murderers, there is a gringo down there who doesn't seem to have much sympathy for his neighbors. To liven it up a bit more, another whirlpool will take us to the second phase as soon as we are careless.

Phase 6

We come to the future. We are in “the city of my dreams”, with its traffic signs, its cars always ready to run me over, hanging spotlights, 2000 design towers and … planes from the First World War! but not everything was going to be so easy. We have in this phase two qualifying special jumps for the special prize of “keep one less life and try again”.

Phase 7

Last phase !. To begin with, there is a restless hand on the ground that squeezes, drowns and takes you deep into the earth as soon as you fall to the ground; Not to mention that you start the phase falling into a whirlpool that will take you to the third phase for free as soon as you screw up more than you should. A little further to the right is a levitating bottle whose only exercise is to throw drops of milk that rise, fall and then go away, but without first taking a life from you, if you have crossed your path. In addition, a little more modern aircraft will leave us your business card. For the rest, as this is the last phase, we can lean on columns, platforms, flowers, palm trees and … another whirlpool (via phase 4) before reaching the last platform, where (finally!) Is the damn alarm clock, yes, guarded by another bottle. We approach, we take it and … to enjoy the siesta !.

But you know what life is like and a stone in my path taught me that my destiny was to sleep and sleep. Total, since the nightmare had left me so tired, the next day, as soon as I got off work, I got ready to take another restorative nap! But there is a problem: I live a bit far and getting to my hammock is quite an adventure.

Way to the hammock

We started in the desert and luck gave me a lead: I take a revolver that was lying on the ground and put it in one of my four pockets. I keep going and find an ammunition box just before reaching a bridge cut off, as I would expect. I take a stratospheric leap, fall to the other side and … an Indian ready to stick an arrow in my chest. What I did not know is that I am quite fast with the revolver … I take the opportunity to remove the dagger that has fallen a little further on.

I arrive at an Indian village and have the opportunity to test the steel of the dagger, killing hungry scorpions. Wow, it seems that I am not well received in this town. Up to six Indians try to end my life, but they follow the same path as their brother on the bridge.

I leave the village and amuse myself by killing a few frogs and a coyote, before reaching the city. Needless to say, all the ammunition that I find on the way I am collecting. As soon as I enter the city, I pick up the bottle of wine. This will help me to stop the sheriff chasing me for a while, which is very good for me, because I don't know what I have done to him but every time he sees he harasses me and makes me lose a lot of energy. Otherwise, there are a couple of guys, lying on the floor pretending to sleep, but whose sole purpose is to trip me so that I fall flat on my face and take advantage of it to steal my money. Good thing I'm smarter than they are and I avoid them with another of my jumps.

I arrive at the church and come to the great conclusion that this town must not be very religious, since the chapel is infected with animals, rats, spiders … however, I take the opportunity to go to the pulpit and collect the insecticide spray; I go up to the speaker's gallery and get the pipe.

I go out and amuse myself in a duel with a gringo. He had asked for it! I continue on my way, avoiding two other sleepers lying on the ground and I reach the first large group of rocks that impede my path. Attention because here there is no choice but to arm yourself with patience, and try again and again until you get the hang of it and manage to jump from stone to stone until you completely surpass the group. Very difficult and almost impossible, but it can be done.

Behind the rocks, another Indian village awaits me, at the entrance of which I am greeted by a hornet's nest full of hungry wasps. It is time to use the spray, through which we will kill wasps and score points until we get tired. Since it no longer serves us, we get rid of the spray. We killed a few frogs, a coyote, and watch out! because the third big store that we see, the one after a couple of rocks, is the store of the great Indian chief (do not pass it by).

We will go in, smoke the pipe of peace and take the opportunity to get the bread and the bag of money in exchange for the pipe. We say goodbye and go on our way.

Bread can be used at any time and serves to fully replenish our energy, so it is convenient to eat it when we are in a critical situation.

We left the village, we entered the desert again and … rocks! we jumped over them and ran into another broken bridge. More jumps and … more rocks! With a frog complex, he managed to avoid obstacles and reach the height of a group of musicians. To make them stop trying to always play the same song, nothing better than giving them the bag of money that we got from the Indian chief's shop.

We arrive in another city where another three strategically placed sleepers welcome us. With great care we jumped them, we killed an Indian, we took out the revolver and we killed a bird, we advanced, we killed another Indian, we raffled two more copies of the race of sleeping beauty, we advanced and arrived at the living room. And once inside and between bottle and bottle we collect the second bag of money. We got out of such a hectic place as soon as possible and we continued. Soon we will see a black dancer dancing to catchy music. If we want him to stop dancing and get a thousand dots, like the previous time, just give him this second bag of money. We advance, we advance and …

Our beloved, longed for, longed for and beloved hammock is displayed before our eyes. One last little jump and to sleep, which we have earned. But be careful, don't have nightmares again! …

This Opera Soft creation has comic points and divine development. Without sound in our PCW (with melody in the CPC version) its graphics leaves nothing to envy to those of other machines. A game made with a great dose of humor. The idea of ​​the game is bright, friendly and fun. The program has a very high degree of difficulty, so addiction is guaranteed.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.



  • Original cover

Here you have the original triptych cover.

  • Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Height 14.30 x length 43.10 cm.


The manual is in black and white on thick triptych paper and is printed on the back of the game's cover. Its measurements are: Height 14.30 x Width 43.10 cm.


Original disc supplied with Gonzzalezz.


Custom labels to print them. Over the years due to their use, the labels are spoiled and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the closest thing to the best of our ability, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disk. Measure in 3 “high: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same label modified to replace the broken one and the third and fourth image is for the 3.5 “discs.



Next we leave you the map of the first and second phase so that it is easier for you to finish the game.


  • If you simultaneously press the “PEACE” keys while playing, you will automatically get infinite lives.
  • Bottle: Give it to the drunk.
  • Musicians: Give them the bag of money.
  • Pipe: Smoking it with the Indians so that they do not attack us.
  • Church pulpit: Behind there is an object with which it is impossible to finish the game.
  • Knife: It is not as effective as the revolver, but it is not used throughout the game.


Some advertisements of the game in magazines of great circulation of the time.



The disk images, disk images, have been obtained from the original version of Gonzzalezz, they have been recorded and verified.


Below you can download the Gonzzalezz game manual or view it online. The manual sheet measures: Width 14.20 cm x Height 14.30 cm.


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