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Company Ocean Software Ltd.
Distributor Erbe Software
Production team Programming: Jon Ritman - Graphics: Bernie Drummond - Music / FX: Mark Serlin - Illustration: Bob Wakelin
Year 1986
Packaging 12.50 × 16.20 × 1.90 black plastic case
Compatibility PCW 8256 - PCW 8512 - PCW 9512
Peripherals Keyboard
Loading Autostart
Gender Arcade
Language English
Price Spain: 3,000 Ptas
State preserved



Amstrad PCW users had an authentic adventure game at their disposal, this is Batman, one of the programs with the best graphics that came out, not only for PCWs, but for the entire Amstrad family.

Our mission, as usual, is to get someone out of trouble. This time, two unscrupulous programmers have left our poor Bat in the middle of a huge and complex maze infested with monsters and dangers.

After pondering it carefully, Bat decides that this is not the best place for him and hurries off, but finds a few minor obstacles, which naturally we must help him overcome.

The objective of the game is to find the seven pieces of the fabulous Batmobile, which are hidden among the labyrinthine walls of the castle of the evil one, plagued, as expected, with enemies and ride on it in a certain place in the maze. That easy! Only a hundred and fifty rooms await him, with more than two hundred enemies, and three hundred immobile traps.

There are several essential objects to achieve success: the backpack, where we can introduce other objects that we find along the way; boots to jump; the aereobat, to plan when we fall from considerable heights, and the batcinto, to lengthen our jumps.

Occasionally babybats may appear; Little batmancillos that will protect us sometimes from the enemies that we find in our path, “speedys” to walk at full speed through the rooms and the odd destroyer genie dressed in babybat, as well as extra lives.

Batman is addressed from the keyboard, since the PCW does not have a joystick input, but it is possible to redefine the keys we want at the beginning of the game. Also before starting the adventure, we must choose the background music we want to listen to: constant, only useful sounds, or to play late at night, that is, null.

We can also choose the sensitivity of Batman. This serves as a selection for the game level, since the lower the sensitivity, the less chance there is of colliding with any of the dangerous objects the castle is plagued with.

We will also find objects that allow us, when taking them, to start the next game from the same place and situation where we took them (OLD GAME). Also from time to time the computer will give us a life (DOGS LIFE), which never hurts.

The corridors and rooms at the base are full of enemies and monsters, crazy scientists and dozens of different characters that will delight our fingers for many afternoons.

Now, full of spirit and morals, oozing with optimism, in a word, completely desperate, let's begin this endless adventure, although remember: don't forget that your best weapon, we have repeated it to you on many occasions, is patience. Much could be written about this game, almost a book …

With a perfect and fast flight, he headed towards the suburbs of the city, where he knew that he would find the cynical Arlequin waiting for him to take revenge in the defeat he had inflicted on him. But he also knew that he wouldn't wait for him out in the open. Without a doubt, Arlequin would hide in his cave full of deadly wits and traps to play with all the cards in his favor. When he reached the dark entrance, he did not hesitate to enter, since he trusted his bat senses fully, and although they were formidable, he could not realize how fast the ground opened under his feet. He managed to land well, thanks to his agility, while thinking that it was time for action. And if at that moment BATMAN began his adventure, we in this one began to relate one of the games that we can describe as excellent.

The vicissitudes of this bat man unfold in a type of graphic setting that in his time, and even today, caused a furor; We are talking about the “filmation” technique, which began with the well-known Knight Lore. Some of the games that followed later settled for copying this magnificent technique, others have tried to improve them. BATMAN is among the latter.

The first thing we have to highlight about this game, well, rather from its creators, is the imaginative display that they have shown off. Although the theme is that of the typical arcade, the graphic sequences in which it takes place are of originality and important sympathy. All this has been elaborated, and very well indeed, due to the personality of the enemy of BATMAN; the malevolent Arlequin.

A little skeptical loads the program. Of course, after seeing the version for the CPCs, you doubt very much that the PCW version could even measure up to it. You know, the color, the sound … When you load the game and the menu appears you check that up to now everything is fine, there were no major differences with the Batman CPC. What the hell! you start playing and you can not help but be amazed Where is the difference with the domestic version? The game is the same, incredible !, the only difference you appreciate is the sound.

The rooms where we will see all these entities are beautiful and original, since the Arlequin cave is a unique mix between amusement park and gloomy medieval castle.

Batman has to go with his eyes wide open to avoid the dangers that are seen, but he cannot forget that his opponent is a friend of using steps that disappear when stepped on, traps in passageways, deadly gases, and much more …

On the positive side, which we must not forget, we have that our hero will be able to use four of his very special devices, if he can also collect them in the rooms where Arlequin has left them, of course. The powerful boots will allow you to make jumps of great magnitude; with the basket you can collect certain essential items for your mission; with its ionic drive it will increase the jump speed and you will be able to glide; as well as its anti-gravity belt will slow down falls.

When we get our superhero to assemble this mighty team, his difficulties will be greatly reduced, although he will still have an arduous task due to the Machiavellian Arlequin having divided into seven parts of his car, hiding each one in a room in his immense cave. .

So BATMAN began walking through the strange rooms, wondering how long it would take to find the first of these useful gadgets. Fortunately, after a short time he saw the basket in a room, guarded by a devilish entity, deftly dodged it and took his bag. A couple of rooms later he managed to find the place where the boots were; He entered and, after making a demonstration of balance so as not to fall into the void, took them. Increasing his speed, but still memorizing the route, BATMAN kept going through the gibberish that was the cave of Arlequin. And so he went through another portion of the cave until he reached the room where the propeller was and put it on with a smile. Now all he had to do was find one of the mighty gadgets on his team. He crossed a strange bridge that fell apart when he stepped on it. He continued to recognize rooms, and when he opened the door of one of them he saw what he had been searching for: the belt. But in the rush he took to pick it up, he didn't realize that once again the ground would disappear under his feet. But this time, the thruster was able to land without consequences.

On the floor of the room rises a platform that seemed to lead to higher floors, BATMAN jumped onto it, and as he went up, he discovered another platform where the last one was, and therefore longed for, piece of his equipment. BATMAN knew that with this completed his mission was almost completed. Another factor that will make our task easier or more difficult will be the BATMAN-shaped figurines that Arlequin has placed in some rooms and corridors. Some make us move faster; others, that we can do 10 super jumps; the third, that our enemies become harmless; just as the fourth and fifth give and take a life respectively.

After taking a breath, BATMAN began searching for the object that had really brought him there, the fantastic Batmobile. The first piece of it, a fin, was in one of the lower rooms. To catch it he disdained a false bucket ladder, which was a trap, and placed a piece he found under the bucket next to the fin and jumped. The bucket fell apart and the fin fell to the ground, he picked it up and continued on his way.

The second was found after an intricate ascent in a lonely room. If he had fallen, he should have risen again, thus wasting precious time. But this did not happen, and he quickly went to look for the third piece. It appeared in an eccentric room where two pistons rose and fell. Since the place where she was was very accessible, it didn't take much effort to pick her up. The fifth, another flipper, was in a room, where everything had been planned as a death trap. As soon as BATMAN entered it, he heard a loud hum. He raised his eyes, and barely had time to turn away to dodge the huge stone that was upon him. After recovering from the shock, he started to leave the room, which seemed to contain nothing, when a bluish glow in a maze of zetas caught his attention. Avoiding touching the walls, he came to the place where the glare was seen and discovered that it was the fifth piece.

Not far from the previous one he found the sixth. To get to the room where he was, you had to walk down a corridor full of obstacles. Any mistake led to the abyss. BATMAN managed to get through without any mishap, thanks to his exceptional sense of balance, and picked up the piece that was in what appeared to be an imitation of a castle. With the certainty of being able to recover his Batmobile, BATMAN continued the search for the seventh piece.

But it was very well hidden and required that our hero had to go through innumerable rooms. Discouragement was beginning to take its toll on him when he entered a room with three teapots and a series of cubes that formed a bridge on which a questioned sphere rested. BATMAN suddenly understood and went to work. He placed two teapots next to the door, forming a stop. He climbed up the bucket bridge and pushed the rolling ball to a stop next to the kettles. With extreme care I separate these and stood behind the ball. He picked up momentum and rolled her under the cube bridge. The ball hit an object and dragged it outside. The last piece of the car was in his possession.

As you can see, in this game there is no lack of emotion and activity, we could even define it as feverish. If we talk at a graphic level, we cannot forget that this time the game is aimed at PCWs, and that in these the monitor is made of green phosphor, that is, we must forget about color, or at least everything that is not green. Although this could not matter in another game, it does not happen in this one, because in CPCs it takes place on almost monochrome screens, so we do not miss a great deal of color. The movement is really good, fast and fun.

It is really funny to watch our hero put himself in “jars” and nervously kick his foot when we have made him stand for a while. It is as if to say: “what are you waiting for?”

If to this successful movement we add some very good drawings and a plot, although already classic, full of vicissitudes, we will form a “cocktail” that will manage to entertain us. In conclusion we will say that it is worth having such a game. Quite a classic of comics for the PCW.

In conclusion, it is a sensational game, extraordinary three-dimensional graphics, whose originality is given by being the first game of this type that was programmed in PCW.


In the following images you can check the original packaging.


  • Original cover

Here you have the front of the original cover.

* Retouched cover

Its measurements are: Height 14.70 x Length 25.50 cm.


Spanish manual in black and white on glossy paper and is located on the back of the front cover. Its measurements are: Height 14.70 cm x length 25.50 cm.


Original disc supplied with Batman.


Custom labels to print them. Over the years due to its use, the labels are spoiled and lose their color and quality. Now we try to adapt the closest thing to the best of our abilities, the labels so that they can be printed and replaced or for those who work with a copy of the program and preserve the original disk. Measure in 3 “high: 7.00 cm - width: 7.10 cm. The first image corresponds to the original label of the game, the second is the same label modified to be able to replace the broken one and the third and fourth image is for the 3.5 “discs.



  • On the jet screen, on the spiked floor screen, when taking the jet you inevitably lose a life, since to catch it, you have to get on top and after having obtained it we will fall to the spikes. Well, we stand next to the jet, not on top, and we hit the catch key; the device will be located to our left (where the elephant's leg appears) we hit that key again, and the jet appears below the protagonist, we swallow the device and life saved.


Here are some maps to make it easier for you to finish the game.


Below we show the Batman warranty seal in its Spanish version (Rectangular).



The disc images, obtained from the original version of Batman, have been recorded and verified. The version adapted by Habi to play on the PCW 9512 is included, since it was never released for this computer.


You can download the Batman game manual below or view it online.


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