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Keith Boothroyd.


I first started computer programming back in 1982 when I got my first computer, a “Ti99/4a” made by Texas Instruments, and I wrote my first game using basic language.

In 1986 I started programming in machine code using a commodore with 64k of memory. Yes, that's 64k. In those days computers had tiny memories and were slow to run. However, I developed programming techniques to speed things up and to save space.

In the 1990's, I wrote freelance for Future Publishing in Bath, creating basic listings for the Amstrad PCW computer, which were printed in the “8000 Plus” and “PCW Plus” computer magazines. The PCW computer was built around the z80 CPU running at 4mhz, so when writing machine code games, I had to carefully calculate the T states of the operations to squeeze every last bit of speed out of the CPU. One game I created for the PCW was title “Apple Jack”.

In 1997, I built my first PC, and started to write programs using Microsoft's “Visual Basic 5”. I also learnt how to build websites with HTML and JavaScript using notepad, again using compression techniques to make the website download as fast as possible. In those days it was like the stone-age for the Internet, with slow 56k dial-up connections. The main brief of creating a website was “Make it fast to load”.

When broadband arrived I started to create dynamic web pages using PHP, and I designed websites for local small businesses.

In 2011, I started to write applications (apps) for the android platform, using Java within the Eclipse IDE. Please see my apps tabs for more details.

I now combine my knowledge of mobile applications and website knowledge, I.E: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, AJAX, JSON, PHP and MySQL to create projects for business use


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