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Line 81: Line 81:
 <td><img src=""></td> <td><img src=""></td>
 <td><center>Greatwolf1283<br>For his software donation dBase II</center></td> <td><center>Greatwolf1283<br>For his software donation dBase II</center></td>
 +<td><img src=""></td>
 +table, th, td {
 +    border: 0px;
 + width: auto;
 +    margin-left: auto;
 +    margin-right: auto;}
 +<table align="center">
 +<td><img src=""></td>
 +<td><center>Tony Jewell<br>For his great help with UK auctions</center></td>
 <td><img src=""></td> <td><img src=""></td>
 </tr> </tr>
 </table> </table>
 </html> </html>
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